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  1. I'm at the 133th AMXS, DC ANG...pretty cool to see stuff from our wing!
  2. I'm currently with the 113th (DC ANG), I love these! Contact the armory sir, there's a museum there if you ever think of donating...Maj. Coward is the curator, and he has a true passion. Hopefully one day I get to be the Wing Historian!
  3. I'm currently in Student Flight with the 113th, I'll be in the 113th AMXS (Maintenance Squadron) after tech school....crew chief with the F-16s...AKA Tire Kicker, so cool to see my unit's stuff out there!
  4. I've seen a few at big events...good things so far!
  5. Had an awesome time! Our guys in Civil Air Patrol were working nearly non-stop.....could've done without the Charge of Quarters from 2-4am haha but overall a pleasure!
  6. Gentlemen, 151 years ago today my Great (x4) Uncle, Pvt James E. Jones, was killed in the fighting at "The Bloody Angle" during the Battle of Spotsylvania. He was a was in the 45th North Carolina, Company D of the Army of Northern Virginia and is buried at the Confederate Cemetery there. The trenches he died in are still there, dug and left as they were in 1864 now as a National Park. Please keep this hero and his comrades- including the boys in blue- in your thoughts and prayers.His headstone bears the name of his brother Edmund, who survived the war...this was likely an error by grave r
  7. I will be there with my Civil Air Patrol Squadron...LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE!
  8. Apologies I should've thought about that! Yes, the old horse cavalry
  9. Gents, Probably a dumb question gents, but are there any surviving veterans of the US Cavalry? If so how many? -Nick C
  10. World War Two claimed countless lives, and 70 years ago that war came to a close. Many men perished each day as the Allies drove Hitler's Armies farther back and pushed deeper into the heart of Germany- this would come at a heavy cost. Nearly 300 of the 65th Infantry Division's men would be killed in action between January and May of 1945, not counting those who died of wounds or other causes. In particular, on this day along the Saar River's famed Siegfried Line, Private First Class Oscar A. Wilson and Private First Class Ralph A. Cuca would give the ultimate sacrifice for their country, free
  11. Good evening gents, A few years ago I went on a summer camp with my church called Catholic Heart Work Camp to Irwin, PA outside of Pittsburg. Our volunteer group was sent in the last day (after remodeling an elderly woman's porch) to help with housekeeping and basic jobs around this couple's home. The man was distant, he didn't say a word! His wife was talking about Alzheimer's and I noticed a photo of him on the wall in Army Greens as an MP. I went and shook his hand, next thing you know all we talk about was his time in! He drive donuts around the parade ground at Fr Dix in 1957....wow
  12. That's all gents! Mr Kohl is family to me....he is the absolute most amazing man I've ever known! I love him as my own grandfather...we sat in his room watching the Army Signal Corps footage of the 65th in Europe i put on a DVD eating pistachios and drinking coke. One hell of a guy....thanks all!
  13. The letter he signed and dictated to me about the flag
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