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    Polish WWII SOF and Airborne insignia.
  1. Hello, Here is the photo of Tice: His wife (widow) receiving posthumous decoration: Modern photo of Burnham: Cecil Lee was not US parachutist. He was British NCO from 1st Airborne Division. There is a mistake on Lorys' list. Greetings Rafal
  2. Hello Gents, All 3 topics mentioned above are connected with Independent Grenadier Company (SKG) - small company-size elite para-commando unit initially trained for special operations in France (Operation Bardsea). During the war unit was extended to Poles who earlier served in German Army (for projects Dunstable/SAARF). Another story is OSS led "School of Specialists" - commanded and mostly trained by ex-SKG officers and soldiers. The new book written by US author related to this formation was recently published in Poland: https://harriman.columbia.edu/news/john-michael-authors-book
  3. Gents, Thank you for your opinions. My doubts are because the badge looks very fresh. Rafal
  4. Hello All, Can anybody tell me if this glider infantry wings could be WW2 made? Will appreciate all opinions. Thanks Rafal
  5. Thank you Tonomachi. So, not typical airborne? Maybe OSS, etc?
  6. Hello, Can anybody ID a paratrooper from this photo? I do not expect the name but formation. Is this typical para uniform? The photo comes from set of pics related to Polish Labour Service Coy in Germany. I rather do not expect that it is Polish guy. Any info will be welcomed. Greetings Rafal
  7. Hello Any help appreciated. Thanks Rafal
  8. Hello Tom, Thanks for info. Indeed, the patch comes from BAF. Greetings Rafal
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