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  1. All, Not sure of the age of this tab. Embroidered on bluish black. Thanks, CB
  2. The number of trumped up and fake uniforms is shocking! I collect British uniforms and others as well as US, and have seen few without problems, ranging from minor to major. They are fetching high prices as well. Somebody or some people are making expensive mistakes. CB
  3. This is currently being discussed in the uniform section under Rare Philippine Scout uniform on ebay. It is a fake. CB
  4. Yes, that patch in the SSI section is the same phoney one on the same trumped up uniform in the auction....! What is going on here? Anyway, I also think the backing of the 12th Phil. Div. is ok, but as mentioned, the addition of the shell is wrong. Close examination of the patches on both uniforms shows them to be identical in manufacture and not the same as the originals which I have. Both are surely fake. The applied wool on wool type 12th Div patches were a fine wool felt like material with fine machine sewing, unlike those on these uniforms. Additionally, they were US made and I belie
  5. Frankly, I find it difficult to understand how someone could spend that much money on something they have little or no knowledge about. As I touched on before, it is not just US uniforms that this is happening with, but the foreign ones as well. There have been few of the uniforms being offered that I would be comfortable with on the whole. Sam Nesmith unfortunately seems to have had little discerning judgment with the uniforms in his collection. Someone or some people are going to have a rude awakening one of these days. PS, here is another totally trumped up coat just liste
  6. Yes, the Nesmith offerings have been fetching very high prices; far higher than I would expect. This is especially strange as the amount of humped up uniforms going there can't always be escaping the eye of collectors....or can they? CB
  7. Note that the chevrons show prior machine sewing around the edge. They were removed from a uniform previously and now hand stitched around the rest. I strongly doubt these are original to the coat, not to mention the ribbon bar. Worth the sum of the parts only. CB
  8. Well, someone with more money than knowledge spent a lot of money on this....there are some interesting aspects of this uniform and insignia, but more questions and problems than can be answered regarding it unfortunately. CB
  9. Actually, I think I may have sold Sam a uniform some years ago. His name is vaguely familiar. Anyway, I collect British uniforms as well and much of what I have been seeing are put together uniforms to varying degrees, such as added ribbon bars and other insignia, but some complete fakes as well, which he may or may not have been aware of. Unfortunately most of it has been going for very high prices, including the bad! A fool and his money are soon parted.... CB
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-WWII-US-Army-Philippine-Scout-Badge-91st-Coastal-Inf-Named-Tunic-W-Pants/313193432375?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I have been following this sellers offerings for awhile now and there is a mix of good and bad coming out from the collection that is being sold. This uniform is one that purports to be a 91st CA uniform. While the insignia and uniform alone are all genuine, their assembly together leaves quite a few questions. The 91st was a Philippine Scout CA regiment headquartered at Ft. Mills, Corregidor, with eleme
  11. Thanks for that. This patch had me very confused! CB
  12. Doing some further research here on the forum seems to confirm that this is not the "lumpy head", but rather the "parrot beak". Can someone please clarify this? Thanks, CB
  13. Now that is one of the better trench art set ups I have seen! CB
  14. Dates from the late 1960s on with that paint like finish. Early examples of this type had a much nicer finish, the same as old badges. CB
  15. hmm. What I understood as the lumpy head patch is slightly different from this, and yes, the base material is a very dark blue. Are lumpy heads and parrot beaks the same? CB
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