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  1. Thanks for that. This patch had me very confused! CB
  2. Doing some further research here on the forum seems to confirm that this is not the "lumpy head", but rather the "parrot beak". Can someone please clarify this? Thanks, CB
  3. Now that is one of the better trench art set ups I have seen! CB
  4. Dates from the late 1960s on with that paint like finish. Early examples of this type had a much nicer finish, the same as old badges. CB
  5. hmm. What I understood as the lumpy head patch is slightly different from this, and yes, the base material is a very dark blue. Are lumpy heads and parrot beaks the same? CB
  6. Folks, I believe this is what is termed a "parrot beak" type patch? Is there any further info as to when they were mad, WW2 or later? Thanks, CB
  7. About 10 to 12 bucks for the pair at best. CB
  8. There is now. They even tax foreign purchases. Fricking hell robbery in the name of what! CB
  9. I hate to mention it, but the problem of the entire US military's physical weight problem may be "weighing" in on these light tropical uniforms. CB
  10. Very interesting that a grayish blue was introduced into the pattern. Guess it was determined unnecessary in the production model. CB
  11. I think the only real advantage with these new tropical issue uniforms is that they dry faster. Comfort in the field would be more imaginary than real compared to the standard issue. When burdened with a load of equipment and in a steaming tropical environment you will be just as hot and sweaty, no matter what you are wearing. I found this out on some tough hikes in the Philippines exploring ww2 battlefields, and actually switched to wearing heavy HBT coveralls, leather boots and face covering for protection from vegetation, bugs and the sun. Will remain in doubt regarding the real value to the soldier and taxpayer. CB
  12. Well, with regard to this matter, I have said it before and will say it again; unfortunately another waste of taxpayer money. With each service sporting their own cammies and now another sub variation. While it may be of interest to collectors such as us, just how necessary is this? The uniform provided should put personal protection, wear and utility before comfort. The current issue meets all criteria, including comfort if you have ever worn them. CB
  13. The Marine Corps Times. It has an article on them, but no specific details. Apparently an order has been placed for some 2500 uniforms to start out with. CB
  14. Anyone examined one of these yet? Apparently the Army has a new tropical uniform as well, with some design changes such as no breast pockets (?!). Other than a lighter weight material, have the Marines made any design changes to the uniform? CB
  15. All in all, a huge improvement over the previous tawdry uniform. A little good taste is shown here , finally! CB
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