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  1. Technically the Fraziers, Iodine and Atabrine would have five digit stock numbers or no stock numbers for a 1943 kit. I believe they went to 7 digits in mid 1944. I think its OK otherwise.
  2. There were many other manufacturers of adhesive compresses (bandaids) used in WW2 by the military. I'm just referencing the examples in your photo. If you are trying to assemble a WW2 first aid kit as it came originally from the manufacturer the bandaids are usually the hardest item to get right. Obviously the bandaids were the most often used item so they were the most likely to be replaced in the kit.
  3. As far as I know the military did not use 3/4" wide bandaids until after WW2. The only 3/4" wide bandaid that I would say could be military would be the white cross brand. I believe all the rest are commercial. As far as the 1" bandaids go the only ones I have seen in WW2 military kits are the Davis, Bays, and Stickbands. Halco, and MSA are probably WW2 era. Not sure if I have seen them in military kits. Pac kit, Stafford labs, MS Co I believe are commercial The 1" J&J ZO is Korean War era and was used in military kits. The WW2 version is a little different
  4. It must of been ammunition that for what ever reason they figured was not reliable for combat use....
  5. I can send you a photo copy of a 1956 and a 1953 era bag inventory. I'll post them snail mail just PM your address. Survival
  6. Missing a few items and one or two might not have been on the official inventory in the bag now. FYI there was recently a post on the forum by a member looking for one of these kits.
  7. Thats a military first aid kit rubber tourniquet. Very late WW2 era to Korean war
  8. As far as the first picture goes the only item I see that may have been used in any kit would be the 2" x 5 yard adhesive plaster that was a component in some WW2 corpsman bags. In the bottom picture the four Halco iodine vials would have been in some of the 24 unit vehicle first aid kits. More likely Korea war era. Can't recall if Halperin made a WW2 24 unit kit or not off the top of my head. Not really the correct style for M2 jungle kits as they lack the protective cap. The MSA wooden iodine vial would be correct for the M1 and early M2 jungle kits. Nothing else appears military issue to me
  9. Was the M2 jungle first aid kit actually used in Korea? If they were was it just a few individuals or units using left over WW2 stock? The WW2 M2 cases were reissued in the 1960's for Vietnam with updated contents. After the WW2 dated cases ran out they started to remanufacture them. To the best of my knowledge I have never seen a Fraziers solution with a KW stock number FYI. Its my belief the wooden iodine vials were only used in the earliest M2 kits like 1943. In 1944 on they were replaced with cardboard covered vials with a cardboard cap though there might have been some carry over. The Korean war wooden iodine vials were used in the aeronautic first aid kits of that era. I can't remember If I have seen any that are original to the 12 and 24 unit vehicle kits. I imagine if you had a M2 kit in the Korean War that needed an iodine vial thats what would have been used. Good point on the halazone one thing you might do is watch for folks who are selling the halazone bottles out of a case and ask them for the lot number on the bottle and the date of manufacture from the case. Start a file of the data to get a rought idea. Check with USMF member Dustin as he might have some info on the change over.
  10. Even though its marked US it looks commercial to me. No FSN or other markings. The military issue ones I'm familiar use a radioactive isotope as an illumination source and are well marked. Probably plenty of others will post who know more then I do.
  11. Just an FYI in case you were not aware. After the Battle Magazine just came out with an excellent article on the OSS Groups in Greece with a number of pictures. Issue # 186
  12. Here is just the armband version. What a coincidence!!!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-US-ARMY-MEDIC-ARMBAND-ORIGINAL-PHILA-Q-M-STORES-MARKINGS-CIRCA-1944/184228476898?hash=item2ae4df77e2:g:vkIAAOSwiFFefgaF
  13. Check completed auctions on E Bay. I think that gives you at least 30 days history of what a particular item went for. Try worthpoint.com I believe you can get a trial subscription for a short time for free.
  14. That is probably the most common escape map around. Its a rayon type material made in the USA as far as I know. Just about all the European escape maps (with a couple exceptions) were made in England. As far as I know no one has copied that map yet.
  15. This probably does not help much but I have an example of the AN/PRT-4 that was totally rebuilt and tested at the Sacramento Army Depot in June 1990. No receiver just the transmitter. It was depot converted to use two 9 volt batteries. Rather then shrink all the photos and post them here here is the auction it's on now.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/283757992733
  16. Somebody who deals with Lee Jackson Militaria might want to drop him a line...
  17. Here is another picture of one. Used for attaching trees to poles...
  18. Received mine yesterday. Great pair of books. Its obvious they were a labor of love. Great documented research. Can hardly wait for volume three.
  19. It could very well have been some unit assembled kit but in all honesty I think its been cobbled together by a dealer who had a lot of military and commercial items that they wanted to sell together rather then piece out. Another possibility it was assembled by some bush pilot or small airline that flies in remote areas. Somebody else may have added all the sea survival items later to fill up the can to make it more attractive to sell.
  20. I believe that one is authentic. That particular one has been reproduced but I believe yours looks good. I would think $75 to $125 maybe. Very common.
  21. They are late 50's early 60's. If that is the same kit I saw on E Bay I am pretty sure it was put together by a boy scout using a couple of jungle kit first aid kit pouches. I think the have troop (number) written on them.
  22. I would really like to see the top one translated. I have never seen a real or repo example that looks like that one before. Looks like the Chinese alphabet...
  23. Can anyone ID the first two ribbons for me? I know #3 is WW2 Victory. Thank you in advance.
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