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    I collect survival, escape, and evasion items along with medical related material for military First aid kits.

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  1. I was talking to an old Italian gentleman some time back. His father owned a surplus store in Northern California during the post WW2 era. He would help his father run the store and they would take trips out to the Presidio in San Francisco to pick up material to sell from the military warehouses there. Oddly enough many of their trips would be in the middle of the night. He asked his father why they made so many trips there at night. His father answered. "During the day the men there are soldiers. At night they are businessmen"
  2. As always thank you for taking the time to help out. Greatly appreciated
  3. Selling this WW2 USMC dress jacket on good old E Bay for a friend. Its named inside the sleeve F R Rhodes and I am getting alot of questions on the name. Do any of the USMC researchers have any info I can share? He said he found it at an estate sale in El Dorado Hills Ca. many years ago. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Actually I believe the OCD kits that were distributed during WW2 were more towards emergency agencies like the fire departments. Davis Company used wooden boxes and B&B boxes were like a Masonite material. There may have been others but I have never seen them. You see both types on E Bay every so often. They also had a little pouch kit with a handful of items also. You see alot of home made cloth belt kits that were probably assembled by local red cross chapters and other local organizations. They used a combination of home made and commercial bandages.
  5. Your B&B 36 unit kit sounds commercial to me. Its probably WW2 era though. The only sort of Military kit I have seen those types of boxes in were Civil Defense kits furnished by the Office of Civil Defense to emergency agencies during the war. While its possible that those type of boxes were included in some military kits I don't think it was common. Off the top of my head I have never seen a Military kit with 36 items. Also have never seen one with poison Ivy ointment.
  6. Well I have to say that was more information then I ever expected to get. Many thanks for all that work. I wonder how the heck that scabbard ended up in California?
  7. Actually after writing this entire post a lightbulb flashed above my head and I did a little more research. It turns out these are from a Minox miniature camera. Thanks for looking....
  8. Hello everyone. These were found in a WW2 Army map case I purchased a number of years ago on that most popular auction site. I purchased the map case as it had a number of escape maps in it and these were included. The owner was supposedly a well known movie producer who went over to Europe to do war documentaries. They almost look like small cartridges for a super mini tape recorder or camera. Maybe 1 3/4'" across and about 1/2" tall. The wrapped one is stamped 128049 and 10/10. (I think) I roughly opened one up and it actually looks more like film rather then tape. Any b
  9. WW1 1918 Bolo Scabbard with the the Following Inked on the front.... F. Taurnuzzi "Commando Force" Crew-2105 Craft-351 Anybody have any ideas on who he was or what Force he was attached to. I believe I found this in the darkest corner of an old garage at a local estate sale many years ago. Many thanks in advance.
  10. And don't forget, if I am not mistaken, they will send the IRS a form 1099 if you have more then 200 sales or collect more then $20,000 in one year.
  11. I gave up to easily.... Here it is.
  12. There is a another long Forum Thread on here somewhere that has complete inventory lists that were supplied by member Dustin direct from the archives. Try PM'ing him for the link if you can't find it.
  13. I would buy a few moth traps. Make sure they are for clothes moths rather then pantry moths. Here is an example off E Bay. Replace every three or four months. If you suddenly find you are trapping alot of them all of a sudden check your collection. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-x-KRITTERKILL-DIAMOND-CLOTHES-MOTH-TRAP-AND-PAD-1-2-MILLION-PADS-SOLD/181896137398?hash=item2a59dacab6:g:d38AAOSw9N1Vy5XR
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