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    I collect survival, escape, and evasion items along with medical related material for military First aid kits.

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  1. I gave up to easily.... Here it is.
  2. There is a another long Forum Thread on here somewhere that has complete inventory lists that were supplied by member Dustin direct from the archives. Try PM'ing him for the link if you can't find it.
  3. I would buy a few moth traps. Make sure they are for clothes moths rather then pantry moths. Here is an example off E Bay. Replace every three or four months. If you suddenly find you are trapping alot of them all of a sudden check your collection. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-x-KRITTERKILL-DIAMOND-CLOTHES-MOTH-TRAP-AND-PAD-1-2-MILLION-PADS-SOLD/181896137398?hash=item2a59dacab6:g:d38AAOSw9N1Vy5XR
  4. Doesn't E Bay collect the sales tax from the buyer? They add the tax to the buyers invoice send it to you but pull back the tax funds. My understanding is some states actually charge sales tax on the shipping cost. So in that situation if you just try to figure the tax rate on just the cost of the item only it will show up high because you didn't include tax on the shipping.
  5. I'm thinking maybe French or European stenciled. They have that kind of font you would see on an old French wine barrel.
  6. I always thought the light paint on the top was for visibility. Especially when its zipped up inside a USN survival vest you are looking down at it in a pocket and will only see the top. Just a guess!
  7. That is him. Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help.
  8. I have this named mess tin that came from a local estate sale many years ago. Its marked Blackie Luebbert but as I recall the Vets first name was John. He supposedly served as a combat marine during WW2. As I understood it the unit he served in was the same unit that many of the Marine raiders were transferred to after their unit was disbanded. Can anyone confirm that for me. Greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
  9. Heres another pair of the ski goggles shown about half way up only with amber lenses. Anyone have any further info on these? Thanks
  10. Wow that was fast. Thank you very much for all the information. Greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello Everyone Hoping someone can help with a little info on this Veteran who stamped his name and ASN ? number on this E&E pouch? Just some general info on which branch he served in not looking for a full detailed biography. I tried the NARA site but no luck. Many thanks in advance.
  12. I agree the cloth example previously shown is a reproduction.
  13. There is a website called the flashlight museum you might check. You can look it up by the manufacturer. Might be there or I think you can submit your example.
  14. Technically the Fraziers, Iodine and Atabrine would have five digit stock numbers or no stock numbers for a 1943 kit. I believe they went to 7 digits in mid 1944. I think its OK otherwise.
  15. There were many other manufacturers of adhesive compresses (bandaids) used in WW2 by the military. I'm just referencing the examples in your photo. If you are trying to assemble a WW2 first aid kit as it came originally from the manufacturer the bandaids are usually the hardest item to get right. Obviously the bandaids were the most often used item so they were the most likely to be replaced in the kit.
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