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  1. Friend of mine has an antique shop and every so often he picks up military items. This helmet liner came into his store and he has asked for my help in identifying the age and value. Any information I can pass along to him would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Larry, any idea the reason for the letter ' p ' on the hull? What does it signify?
  3. Leigh, I think I'm wrong. I just went with the hull number. Is that P121 ?
  4. USS Hocking ( APA-121) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Hocking_(APA-121)
  5. Hello. Picked up a large group of photos with no captions save for a date written on the back of most. I am trying to identify the US Army unit based on what little info I can find in each photo. This unit spent a lot of time in Hawaii and one at least one Pacific Island which has seen a lot of combat. I am posting a few of the island scenes hoping that someone might recognize the landscapes / pillboxes etc. In two photos dated February 1942 a triangle is seen - painted on canvas bags and on the side of a huge wooden box the soldiers are offloading. Painted on the box as best I can d
  6. Soon as I have the photos in front of me I will start scanning and so from there. Should be interesting!
  7. Thanks, Dirk. Also found out the US Army's 31st Infantry Regiment joined the 4th Marines in Shanghai in 1932. Sixth Marines arrived in Shanghai in 1937. Looks like the 15th US Infantry was there for 26 years, departing in 1938.
  8. Hello. Can someone tell me which US army and USMC units were stationed in China during the 1930s? Trying to ID what might be a US Army group in that country at that time. But they might be Marines - photos I was sent were not very good. Thanks to anyone who can help!
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