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  1. That is pretty cool. Did you also buy the Japanese and Chinese art work?
  2. Good. Pima is one of the places I would so enjoy seeing. No idea when I'll be able to do that. What was your trip to the museum like?
  3. - so much history now vanished. I wish you had your camera, too!
  4. Hi Paul. Very interesting! Would love to see the others.
  5. Friend of mine has an antique shop and every so often he picks up military items. This helmet liner came into his store and he has asked for my help in identifying the age and value. Any information I can pass along to him would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Larry, any idea the reason for the letter ' p ' on the hull? What does it signify?
  7. Leigh, I think I'm wrong. I just went with the hull number. Is that P121 ?
  8. USS Hocking ( APA-121) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Hocking_(APA-121)
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