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  1. Justin, I believe you are right. Just did a lookup on the Knights of Pythias and the symbol matches one of theirs. thank you, Ken
  2. Any assistance would be appreciated in identifying a pair of Shoulder straps that I have had sitting in a box for a couple years now. From what I have found on the forum, they are classified as modern (1937 to present). However, any additional information would be of great assistance as these are definitely not my area of expertise. Dimensions are: 3 7/8 inches long, 1 5/8 inch wide, and the color (if not clear in the pictures) is a maroon shade. Obviously it is a Captain’s rank; however, the branch is uncertain to me. Many thanks in advace, Ken
  3. Throwing my two cents in…………….Sorry, this is either an English, Canadian, or perhaps even an Australian Medal. I read the internet site posted and while this gentleman may be an expert on the awards of the State of Wisconsin he provided nothing in this article that showed this to be a US medal. My two cents is based upon the fact that the United States has used the spelling “defense” since the 18th Century. The word as it is spelled on the box, “defence,” is typically the way the British spelled the word!
  4. I think there has been a couple of discussions about these type patches. Here is the last one that you are referring to: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...;hl=white+house
  5. Great find; I typically don't even look at the military pillow covers; however, after seeing this I will start looking from now on!
  6. Julien, Go to the internet site: whitepages.com Type in his name and Myrtle Beach, SC (as this is what shows on his item location on ebay). It shows a name, address, and telephone number. good luck and keep us informed on the outcome!
  7. Its enjoyable to read stories such as this one. I can only imagine the research that went into finding the pilot! Thanks for sharing.
  8. kertwo

    Ebayer "3590"

    He has some nice items; however, I always trust in feedback before buying anything pricey. Looking at his ebay ratings he clocked up 16 negative feedbacks in the last year alone.
  9. Many thanks for the assistance. No wonder I could not find it in any of my US Shoulder Sleeve Insignia books! Ken
  10. Hi, Can anyone provide some assistance on ID'ing this patch? many thanks, Ken
  11. Thank you kindly for the good information! Color is actually black/od; appearance change must be a result of the lighting. Chevrons are actually 3 1/8 wide by 5 inches long. Ken
  12. Hi, I was hoping somebody might be able to give me some information on this Army rank (pictured is front and back). Only have one and picked it up with a group of WWII patches. many thanks, Ken
  13. The oval is from the 67th Medical Team (Surg) (Abn). Meant to put them both together; however, hit reply to soon!
  14. The flash is from the 86th Combat Support Hospital.
  15. That is what I call some great luck. Its interesting how sometimes things just fall into place. Hopefully, you will continue to find more over time.
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