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  1. Sean, Soldiers assigned to the 101st who have earned the bullwinkle badge are authorized to wear the background trimming. However, they are not authorized to wear the beret flash (I still haven't figured out the big brass reasoning behind this).
  2. Pulled up this thread while searching another topic. As to wearing of foreign jump wings without having US wings, it is clearly a no-go according to AR 600-8-22. This reg states Soldiers who are not airborne qualified by the US Army are not permitted to even attend foreign airborne training, much less accept and wear the wings. FWIW any Super Duper Paratrooper that doesn't wear his US wings needs an adjustment to his/her head-space timing. Also, HALO and jump wings are two different skill sets. Why not wear both?
  3. It is odd, maybe the MSM was just for his time at NATO. @Bob, the LOM is the standard good job, enjoy your next post (read PCS) award for GOs and COLs, unless they are in joint assignments. I know that some LTCs have received it - all three Battalion Commanders got one in 3rd Bde, 1st Cav when they PCS'd after Iraq. Here's a link to the wiki page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_of_Merit
  4. Thanks for the input. First off, she doesn't know I'm doing this (the cover is I'm trying to get my grandfather's stuff together and put into a shadow box at the same time). Second, I don't have any ROTC awards, just her school's DUI. I was thinking of doing something like COL Dietrich's display that was in the 504th's HQ at Bragg back when I was a young LT. I'll post pics as it comes together.
  5. Gang, My wife retired a few years ago and I have been trying to put together a frame with all her awards/decorations, units, etc. The question is do I include the insignia from the schools she attended or only the actual units she served in? I have all the stuff she wore, to include her ROTC insignia. Any opinions? Thanks, Chris
  6. Sweet. Really digging the domed branch insignia.
  7. What a great save. I'm a little jealous, too many military around here to find stuff like that.
  8. Great grouping. Please post more information on Regiment, etc.
  9. It is great that you still have a piece of your family history. And the jacket looks amazing.
  10. Not to split hairs, but does the chrome finish really signify an USAF parachutist badge?
  11. The upper EIB is a Krewe 1/20th silver filled. The lower is sterling.
  12. This is the EIB that was pinned on back in 1994. Has a TN makers mark on the back.
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