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  1. It will look nice sitting next to my USN Phonograph.
  2. Ha. I was told it’s the same type that he picks up to bring with in the movie. I haven’t confirmed that yet however.
  3. Picked this up this WWII USN Underwood portable Typewriter. I believe it was made in 1941 serial number F1429846. I am getting it repaired right now (carriage does not move correctly). Really glad to get it and add it to the collection. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ok then. I stand corrected. I still stand by my statement that: some liked it and some did not. It’s all opinions and conjecture. In the end YOU have to decide.
  5. Ugggg. Not again. If you read the other thread you will know that some liked it and some did not. It’s all opinions and conjecture. In the end YOU have to decide. There is really nothing to add to the last thread and that is why it was closed.
  6. As a matter of fact, if memory serves, the similar one sold on the forum for $450 I believe.
  7. Although in fairness they all have opinions just like everyone else. I would have wanted it for $250. $475 is getting high for a one panel swivel loop Medic helmet IMHO. Anyone agree or disagree?
  8. There are plenty of eyes on it now.
  9. Looks like Shawdag got a great deal on this one but let it get away.
  10. I purchased these flight suits a while back. I am going to be putting them up FOR SALE in the next few days. PM me if interested.
  11. I purchased this small group a while back. I am going to put it up FOR SALE in the next day or so. PM me if interested.
  12. I also received as part of the grouping a US Army Mountain Troops tent manufactured in 1944.
  13. I received Cecil's records from Golden Arrow: Included were Cecil’s Individual Flight Record (IFR) plus the official histories of the 511th for November 1944-September 1945. The December 1944 history is very difficult to read, so they also provided mission reports from the 405th Fighter Group (the parent unit for the 511th Fighter Squadron) for that month. No history was available for June 1945, the month after the war in Europe ended. War time highlights: Cecil joined the 511th Fighter Squadron at St. Dizier in the Champagne-Ardenneregion of France on 7 November 1944. He began training
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