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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have an appreciation for the medium bombardment crew members and their contribution to the air campaigns. The original official documents are great along with the photos.
  2. The offer of precedence is a little messed up, but it does reflect an Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal with one oak leaf cluster, which is a Good Conduct Medal for Reservists.
  3. Thanks for the follow up on this Air Medal Frank. Persistence pays off and I like the unusual citation as well. Congrats on closing the loop!
  4. Great snag on this grouping and your research paid off as well. Congrats!
  5. He received his first AM under HQ USAFE as a Major in 1949 and two oak leaf clusters under HQ FEAF in Aug and Oct 1952.
  6. That’s a huge score, congratulations!
  7. BTT in honor of the 1 Aug 1943 Ploesti low-level mission.
  8. BTT in honor of the 1 Aug 1943 Ploesti low-level mission.
  9. I think it would be more appropriate to kindly ask Schofield1943 if he wouldn’t mind making great copies that you’d be happy to pay for, to include shipping, or you could copy the jpegs yourself and print them. He was gifted these items after working with this French lady and coworker for a long time.
  10. It looks like his DFC was awarded under General Orders No. 62, Hqrs. Ninth U.S. Air Force, July 13, 1943 Nice low numbered DFC! His basic Air Medal and first OLC were awarded under General Orders No. 1, Hqrs. Ninth Fighter Command, June 15, 1943 Three OLCs were awarded under GO #2, Hq. IX Fighter Command, June 25, 1943 Another OLC was awarded under GO #5, Hq. IX Fighter Command, Aug. 7, 1943
  11. This is your guy for sure and the picture of the small ribbon bar looked like two silver oak leaf clusters, but they are bright bronze oak leaf clusters. That's a nice caterpillar club pin and card.
  12. This thread reminded me of another co-worker who earned the Airman's Medal as a Pararescue Jumper. He was an Airman First Class at the time and earned it with one of his senior team mates after a natural disaster in the Philippines. He crawled through collapsed buildings administering aid to the injured. Some of the actions were pretty gruesome in an effort to recover the dead, but it had to be done. He rarely talks about it, but did say he was more scared receiving the medal from the Air Force Chief Force Staff than how he earned it during the lifesaving efforts. Later on he became
  13. Thanks Kurt! I learn something new every day and appreciate the gouge on engraved initials, then last name regarding research. Randy
  14. I am standing by for a signed copy as well and ready to see the finished product! Randy
  15. Here is his AM with official engraving. If anyone has the DFC, I would like to reunite the pair.
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