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  1. and 9th inf too lots of units got hold off this camo
  2. yes npff south vietnamse nantional police field force ive never heard of green berets wearing it ..not officially anyway an american advisor to the national field police would of done though.
  3. Yes very nice orignal national field police camo ..or as we call it cloud camo
  4. aips


    the patch work on the tankers jackets looks well done i have 3 orignals in my collection all with this similar patch repair work done on them (i dont think they would of used german camo though to be honest) 3rd one not pictured has patch repairs on both elbows note the oil stain on the back of the 1st pattern also as a side note all the originals i have come across have green stitching a trick most repro company's seem to miss
  5. That's us thanks I'm in the first pic wearing glasses Nice
  6. Cool pics do you have any of the Aips and there m113 and mules?
  7. cool pics...havent been since 2007 nice to see the Aips back out in force with there vietnam m113's great display
  8. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20772/lot/68/ this one is from my collection in the uk sad to see it go
  9. roll necks like the one you pictured were continued on being made by the red cross even after 43 when the army dropped them I have one example
  10. ha I can remember about 11 years ago now buying that brand new for about 14 quid and still remember going to the military book shop in Aldershot north camp after school how times have changed......
  11. its looks like a theatre made one that's why i was asking
  12. hi betrand I didn't mean that one i can see that's issue i was on about the od green colour one on mannequin jack
  13. nice is that a theatre made m41 jacket?
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