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  1. Here is the other V for Victory WW2 vase i am over the moon about. Just getting better and better over the years.
  2. So, This is my ongoing thread about V for VICTORY homefront vases ... as this is about 9.5 yrs in the making, I wanted to share my newest addition. Hope everyone likes it. UNKNOWN Maker. I have another one to post in the next few days that i purchased about 6 months ago. Stay tuned. CS
  3. Thanks ... and it's too heavy for the wall LOL wifey calls it a "toe stubber" boy was she mad when i walked in with this over my shoulder. LOL CS
  4. Thank You for the Confirmation on my Japanese Mitsubishi Propeller. I look forward to seeing more photos if possible. Carey
  5. NEW EDITION : I Couldn't upgrade on the Big Daddy V VASE. So, i ADDED a Different Color. I believe the Yellow is not seen as often as the red one. Last picture is overall picture from collecting Homefront pieces.
  6. Here is Mine, Source told me seller had family member flying plane called a Blackbird.
  7. GREAT WINGS .. !!! never seen that style before.
  8. B229 ... THANK YOU for that info. I was going to ask. CS
  9. I am moving and the items have been in storage for awhile. Sorry, i dont think anything is on back. but, if i get to it. i can update then. stay tuned.
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