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  1. Great job on the cart. Free is Great!! $700.00 (guessing) for the batteries is not so great.
  2. Zeph, I have friend here in Tucson, that put his hand built Kubelwagen replica up for sale at a "in no hurry to sell it price". Asked him about it the other day and he told me he sold it for that price.
  3. Good to hear George is going to get some attention from UC Davis. Yes, Molly is quite cuddly. 104° is a bit warm. You will need one of these in the shop...
  4. I asked the same basic question on the Gee. Got a good laugh when I saw it asked here by Kat. Sorry to here about George. I know our fur kids are a big part of our family. Mark
  5. Great shots Gus. What is she doing outside without a blanket (cover)? Don't remember the last time we had snow in Tucson. Mark
  6. Zeph, The 54 looks great. Sometimes a break from one project helps re-focus. As my girlfriend would say... AMBLANCE!! (yes the u is not pronounced). Mark
  7. Great display Gus. Is the barbed wire real or fake ? Mark
  8. She looks great Gus. I don't think my buddy will get his to look as good as yours!! Don't forget to show us pictures from the gun show.
  9. Looks fantastic!!! I will have to have my buddy check check his garage to see if his is missing. It is almost a dead ringer for his. Like you no plans.
  10. I know a few of the people at the air museum. :thumbsup: One of them is a photographer he just might get the shot you want. Hope to see him this weekend as we do a special event with a B-17, B-24 & P-51 at the Marana, Az Airport. Mark
  11. I saw the HH60Golf at the air museum back in November. The crew did a great job on it. Lots of neat accessories added to the cart. Mark Hot & Sunny AZ
  12. Here is one that a member of our club is building on a Model T that he has had for a very long time.
  13. I am wondering what type of mermite can I have here? Stainless steel on the inside. Ribbed on the outside, not smooth. No markings of any sort on the lid or body. Mark L. Desert Southwest
  14. Nice looking collection Jordan! The Jeep looks great. Jeeps are meant to used. Not trailer queens or brought out only on perfect days. I drive mine wet, cold or hot outside Nov 5, 2011 Pima Air & Space Museum ( a chilly drive ) Mark 43 GPW 51 M100
  15. Looks great Scott. :thumbsup: Nice damp cold overcast day I see. I know most of those faces. Mark
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