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  1. Finally, things have opened up here in PA and folks aren't as "afraid" to have a sale... Picked this up and was told it was grandpa's. "He fought with Audie Murphy". No other photos or goodies, and the price was certainly right. No trace of ever having any insignia. AND, it really is SALTY! I was able to confirm there was a J*M*. N*I*C*H*O*L*S in the 3rd ID unit history.... But that's about it.
  2. You are correct! That's where I got the stills.
  3. Just thought it would be a good discussion. These images were taken as they landed on the island of Angaur, Palau Islands, two days after the 1st Marine Div. landed on Peleliu.
  4. I have not. I know that according to his nephew, he returned home from Panama (leave ?), prior to England. For me, the oval is not sewn to the shirt (like the patch) and is simply held in place by the pin device on the wings, and as a result, is slightly folded over. I wish I knew what it was. I can try and scan a better quality image of the oval and patch tonight.
  5. It is interesting to note, that B*A*N*K*S "pinned" the patch on his shoulder.... it is not sewn there.
  6. I just came across this thread. Here is a photo of Wilbur B*A*N*K*S, A Co. 551st PIB. I do NOT have a date for this photo, BUT... it is studio marked and taken state-side in Harrisburg, PA. I believe he was assigned to the 503rd prior to his reassignment to the 551st. He was in Panama prior to going to England and taking part in Operation Dragoon, August 1944. He was KIA in France, January 1945, while attached to the 82nd.
  7. AWESOME! I live just across the river from Harrisburg and currently work in Harrisburg for the Commonwealth of PA. LOTS of wonderful groups have come out of this area! If there's anyway I can help - shoot me a PM! Awesome uniform!
  8. It is very difficult to tell, as any size information is washed out (of ALL of them). The one pictured with the web belt IS slightly larger than the others. The Schaeffer (name tag) jacket IS slightly smaller - thus one of my initial and aforementioned thoughts was that the differences may be size related. However, not knowing for certain, is one of the reasons I ask. Perhaps if others can post their jackets with corresponding sizes, we can determine a definitive answer?
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