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  1. I don't often post here much anymore, but thought that this rainy day would be a good time. I purchased this from a friend not too long ago. This is an M42 reinforced jacket, named and attributed. The trooper served with the 505PIR/82nd and was discharged from the 508th The zipper is period replaced and the belt was removed (quite common). Enjoy!
  2. From the photos on the site, I would not want to own it. Certainly looks too much like the flood of fakes that ravaged the US in the 90's & early 2000's. As stated, a high caliber helmet (if this were real) would only take a phone call to sell. If listed on a site, HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS of all the right spots would be included, with no guess work needed. IMHO, this is junk made to deceive and rolled away on an auction site.
  3. A Troopers Final Jump: Gordon H. Cullings C/508 Medic It is with deep sadness that I post this message of the passing of my dear friend, Gordon H Cullings. For those of you unaware, my friend, Bud Cullings, enlisted in the US Army in 1942 at the age of 16. At the age of 18, while arriving in England in April 1944 as a replacement soldier, he volunteered for jump school. He completed jump school as the troopers were returning from Normandy France. He then volunteered to be a medic and was attached to the medical detachment. He was assigned to 1st Battalion, C Company 508 parachu
  4. Great stuff here in south central PA. 40+ years of collecting & I’m still finding great stuff too! Great haul!
  5. Nice. Do you at least still have that shirt? Thanks for the kind words.
  6. On a "side" note, I love the hand-sewn SSI on the portrait photo.
  7. COVID-19 really locked everyone down. It gave me an opportunity to really go over a purchase I made at this years SOS. After locating a partial laundry stamp and partial name, I believe I was able to ID the jacket. I ordered his file through the archives, but to my dismay... they too, are on lock-down. I was able to locate the family, who provided me digital images of a service photo and his discharge. I've obscured his name, to protect his family from unwanted solicitations, as they still have some souvenirs from the war. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. I've intent
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