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    I have been collecting since I was 17 years old. My father used to drag me from Garage sale, flea market, antique fair. He would find Luger's, PPK's, uniforms , daggers, you name it. It kinda took. Later after I came back from the U.S. ARMY I started collecting like crazy. It is the thrill of the find. I love pulling items out of the most unexpected places. Rescuing history one item at a time is a thrill. I mainly collect WW II uniforms and equipment U.S. Army, primarily. I do have some U.S. Navy and USMC items. Some German too. I use this as a "KNOW YOUR ENEMY DISPLAY" . My plan is to retire as soon as possible and start searching full time for memorabilia.
  1. Thank you! Having looked at the canteen cover further, I am leaning towards post WWII, because I found black nylon backing thread on the inside of the canteen cover where the carbine pouch is sewn.
  2. Thank you for helping me! I appreciate that very much. There are no markings that I could find anywhere on the holster.
  3. I have looked all over the internet, with no success. I am hoping someone will be able to identify this shoulder holster. Thanks in advance.
  4. Last weekend finds. Never saw a holster like this before.
  5. Past weekend finds. Canteen cover with carbine pouch attached intrigues me. Not sure if this is rigger modified or surplus store creation.
  6. I did find this on the internet at http://straightrazorplace.com/show-tell/54369-spike-point-wostenholm-been-through-wars.html
  7. Really nice and all airborne to boot!
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