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  1. Hello Barbielea - Was your Father in the USAF? I believe in 1956 Chaumont was a NATO Base and hosted units from several NATO Countries. I ask because the cap he is wearing in the photo looks like a British Royal Air Force cap. I have read that the white insert in the RAF caps denote troops from the territories (Canada etc) assigned to the RAF.
  2. My E Bay name is Moonmo. I sell a little but am more often a buyer.
  3. The photo below was taken of the B-36 at the United States Air force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the 1960's before they moved to their present location, she looks a bit sad to me. Note the F-82 under the B-36 wing (the young fella in the stroller is not me)! Phil
  4. As a new member, looking at all the great items on this forum is a bit intimidating - considering the amount of expertise in this group, I thought I would ask for your help. This appears to be a normal A-11 Flight Helmet made by the Selby Shoe company with receivers and a PL-354 plug. The difference is the lead ear cups stitched over the outside of the receivers. I found this helmet about 20 years ago in a shop not far from Wright Patterson Air force Base, I bought it not because it fit my collection per se, but because I had never seen another and could afford it. The helmet weig
  5. I have been reading the forums for a few months but posting for the 1st time. Has anyone out there ever seen an original MacKay Medal sell?
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