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    WWII 134th Infantry & US Airborne
  1. Wow some great 35th uniforms. I have a few 35th uniforms. I will post some pictures
  2. Your right I missed the green border the first time
  3. I believe the top one is 130th machine gun battalion and the bottom is 129th field artillery regiment
  4. We are have a special Pearl Harbor Exhibit at Fort Atkinson SHP in Fort Calhoun. Dec 4-8. We Ill have artifacts and displays. There will also be two documentaries being shown. The exhibit will be open 11-4.
  5. We are having a special Pearl Harbor exhibit at Fort Atkinson SHP 201 South 7th St Fort Calhoun Ne. It will run from Dec4-Dec-8 11-4PM. A Nebraska park Permit is required.$2 per adult & $1 per child for admission.
  6. jlg74

    New torso display

    I was having the same problems but found that toddler torsos work great for uniforms.
  7. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jason Grof and I am the new President of the MVPA affiliated called the Iron Soldiers of the Great Plains. We would like to extend a invitation to any one that would like to join the Iron Soldiers of the Great Plains. If you would like to be added to our email list orhave any further questions please let me know. Thanks for your time. Jason Grof Iron Soldiers of the Great Plains. Meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month @ 5. Meetings will be held at the Fort Atkinson SHP visitor center 201 South 7th St Fort Calhoun Ne (Fort Calhoun is
  8. I was able to fine a Hitler propaganda punch card at a local antique store this pass weekend. I have seen pictures of these but never seen one before. I wouldn't believe to many of these have survived with all the punches in tacked. Does any one have this one or any of the other punch cards
  9. I saw this flag on eBay the other day and was wondering if any one had and info on these flags. Were any others made with ships at Pearl Harbor? This is the first time I have ever seen one like this. I know there was one made that said Remember Pearl Harbor Dec 7 1941.
  10. You could try the SAC museum outside of Omaha Ne. https://sacmuseum.org/
  11. A while back I made a new torso display. I took stairs stringers and created this 5 tier torso display. Know I need to get some more mannequins
  12. I am looking to start a local chapter of MVPA in the Omaha Ne area. If anyone would like to participate in a MVPA Chapter please let me know. Thanks Jason
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