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    Sea Service militaria - primarily patches, amphibous and expeditionary warfare related items, Gulf War related items. Navy, Marines, USCG and Army mariners.
  1. I'm sorry about the loss of your friend. It's good, though, that someone appreciative of its value is able to take custody of these small pieces of history. This is a very cool patch. The Coast Guard Air Station Salem patch is very similar to this. Would love to a picture of the whole jacket, or any other patches that might be on there. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I know this is an old post, but I ran across a few patches today that interested me. Some I knew were USMS and others I've since realized were USMS, as well. How rare are these type of patches? I thought the guy was throwing out some high prices for some of his items, but now I'm not so sure.
  3. Last ones of the weekend. Picked these up at a surplus store today. Other than the Marine insignia, will probably just put these in my "for trade" bag, but I coudln't come home empty handed.
  4. Why on earth would any sailor worth his salt want to throw away such a nice uniform? Unbelievalbe. At the least, you'd think he'd of realized that bullion patch could bring a few bucks, if nothing else. Luckily, it has found its way to a good home. Good job on the research, too. It'll be cool once you rebuild the ribbon rack for it.
  5. My Gunrunners patch showed up in the mail today, so I'll add it to this thread. This helicopter attack squadron is out of MCAS New River; not far from MCAS Cherry Point. These guys deployed with us multiple times, from drug ops in the Caribbean, presidential support ops in Cartagena, Colombia and during the Gulf War. There are several variations of this patch to collect.
  6. The Marine Corps squadron patches are generally interesting to me, but I'm trying to start with the ones we used to work with. Of course, I had a few years back, but didn't keep up with them. It's only recently that I decided to officially "collect". I seem to keep up with things more now that it's not just my "old Navy stuff".
  7. Cool photos. I was immediately struck by the resemblance of the bottom left photo to a young Liam Neeson (the actor).
  8. This "Fast Falcons" patch is from my Coast Guard Auxiliary Division, but is several years old. There weren't many made and then the SAR Task Force never got completely operational, so most of that small run of patches was never distributed. Very few floating around anymore, but I finally got my hands on one. The USS Truxtun I got in a trade...I may end up selling or trading it...but it's kind of cool. This one is from between 1967-1974, which was the period between commissioning and being redesignated as as CGN, instead of DLGN. The Truxtun spent a lot of time off Vietnam and is credited
  9. Scored a few new patches this week. Hoping the rest show up in the mail tomorrow, but figured I'd post what I have so far. First set is USMC aviation; all Cherry Point units. The VMA-223 is a neat variation. The bulldog is normally not in a martial arts motif, but instead has boxing gloves. This squadron deployed aboard my ship back in '89. MAG-40 was aboard for the Gulf War. This MAG-40 patch is the version from back then. VMA-231 was also out of Cherry Point, but were land based during the Gulf War. Working on the air side of CIC, though, we kept up with all these squadrons. While I was
  10. I didn't really catch the NOB, or NCB, whichever it is. If it's NCB then your Seabee thoughts make sense. It does actually look more like NOB to me, though. As already stated, that could stand for Naval Operations Base, such as NOB Norfolk, though there are others. Nothing in that connotation immediately brings to mind anything dealing with Mercury or whatever that is on the medal. Who knows? It's an interesting mystery.
  11. Not sure what this is, but I don't see anything that particularly suggests Seabees. The photos are too small for me to see much detail, but it appears to be an image of the god Mercury (winged helmet is associated with him). There was a USS Mercury during WWII. Not sure what he's holding on to, but looks like it may be a mine. Perhaps this is EOD related then? The "Navy" comes across as something of a broad nature, but then you have the number which I guess could either be a unit number or indicate number of years, as in an anniversary. Maybe? It's an interesting piece, which I've never se
  12. That is one incredible uniform. Wow. :w00t:
  13. I use the same blousing bands that Johan has shown. The green doesn't really go with my navy blue Coast Guard pants, but it's not like you can see them anyway. They make a black version, too, but I don't see them for sale as often. Half the time, I forget them and just tuck them in normally. Most of the time, they do stay looking nicer by using the bands, though.
  14. With a detailed blow-up, it might be possible to ID the other ship. Very cool picture, regardless. Which of the other battleships was on the same coast as the Iowa during that time period? Of course, if they were deployed at the the time of this photo, that may not be the best means of narrowing it down.
  15. Hmm. Yeah, that changes things. Looks like you have a Marine cover.
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