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  1. I'm having a hard enough time finding a few legit WWII or earlier wings in 12 months anywhere let alone a case full of them in just 3 months. Outstanding finds!
  2. I'd run from them and not look back. :thumbdown: George
  3. Nice grouping of WWII wings. Congratulations! ) Regards, George
  4. The favorite wing in my collection is a small (1 5/8") WWI pilot wing made by William Link Company, Newark, NJ. It is also hallmarked on the pin. I believe it is a 1917 pattern wing. Enjoy the images. Regards, George
  5. Beautiful wings, thanks for sharing with us! George
  6. As a collector, I wouldn't think of polishing or dipping my wings because it will highlight unattractive high point wear, scratches, and nicks. And excessive polishing over time will eventually soften wing details. In my opinion, original, uncleaned, and unpolished wings have better eye appeal. Highly polished wings under light can hurt the eyes especially mine which are sensitive to brightness. George
  7. Buyer beware although there are already bidders on two of the wings. Lots of fraud and deception on eBay and too many uneducated buyers. Sad commentary for the collecting community.
  8. I recently acquired this USAAF sterling 2-piece air crew wing at a flea market. It's a common wing and I have plenty of them but this one has nice eye appeal. The U.S. coat of arms was applied to what was once an Observer wing. The wing is 3 1/8" wide and quite heavy. I believe the wing is WWII-era even though the sterling hallmark on the back is not in raised relief. Enjoy the images. Regards, George
  9. I believe the hallmark B.B. Co. on the back stands for Bastian Bros. Co., Rochester, NY. Nice grouping! George
  10. I recently acquired this WWI Air Service collar device at a local flea market. I was quite surprised to get it because military stuff is highly competitive and this market reeks with people looking for military. However, I always look in woman's jewelry cases because you never know what you'll find inside. Most guys pass them up thinking it's just jewelry. Anyway, this woman sold it to me as an art deco pin for $10. Not a bad price. Apparently, she polished the propeller. Why do women seem to always polish sterling...drives me crazy. The back of the pin has 3 different hallmarks:
  11. After about a years absence from eBay selling a millionaire's military collection, the two sellers "wings-patches" and "airforce1944" are back at it again. I was under the impression that all of it was sold. However, I received an e-mail yesterday from them about their re-appearance on eBay, only because I was one of their previous buyer's on a few occasions. I'd like to get your expert opinion on their latest wing offerings. I look forward to your responses and will keep an eye on their future auctions. Regards, George
  12. John, I'm not a wing expert but its appearance wouldn't fool me at all. The details and sterling hallmark are mushy and the solder workmanship is very poor. An easy fake to detect. Regards, George
  13. I really enjoy the hunt looking for wings at flea markets and antique shops but I find them to be either contemporary re-strikes and/or fakes or the authentic ones being way overpriced. It seems these dealers are still going with prices they asked years ago not realizing the same wings can be purchased on eBay at half price or less. George
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