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  1. If you don't have any luck with this posting you might try a query at the 452dBombGp forum on FaceBook. 452nd Bomb Group at Deopham Green | Facebook You might also request the official emblem Approval letter from the Air Force Historical Agency. The name of the design originator is sometimes (but not always) mentioned in these documents.. If you strike out on both of these sources, try and locate a copy of the squadron and/or group wartime log books. These often contain historical details such as you are seeking. Good luck with your sea
  2. This might have been produced as a movie prop. There's been a a lot of strange stuff just like this that has come out of Hollywood over the years.
  3. Excellent input on those colors. I think we might be onw more step closer to an ID for this one.
  4. That white device in the center of this design reminds me more of a scientific test tube than a 'rocket'. Maybe a chemical unit of some sort? Just a thought!
  5. That sleeve rank patch was 'allowed' but never officially 'approved' for wear by USAAC/USAAF personnel from the WWI era through 1947. They were a private purcase item (PX, military supply, etc.) and never an issued item. These 'Prop & Wing"patches were available from Private all the way up to Master Sergeant. I have examples all that I could post if your interested furthur.
  6. I appreciate the follow-up. Somebody made a good investment!
  7. Are they going the same road that eBay went down; censoring anything that depicts a swastika? Sounds like another potential free speech casuality!
  8. Nice piece of history! I'm almost afraid to ask what the winning bid was.
  9. Nice one. You don't see these around all that often.
  10. Based upon your description of the material my best guess would be that these were possibly intended as table coasters for drinks?
  11. They might have been promotional give-away items. This type of prmo was very popualr during WWII. What type of material are they printed on?
  12. 781stBombSqdn(H), 465thBombGp(H), 55thBombWg, Fifteenth AF.
  13. I tend to agree with BobGee. When first activated in England theunit consisted of a large number of former Eagle Squadron members who adopted the attached emblem while stationed at Debden A/F. Your jacket seems be display a variation of the original Disney design for this unit.
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