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  1. Nice one. You don't see these around all that often.
  2. Based upon your description of the material my best guess would be that these were possibly intended as table coasters for drinks?
  3. They might have been promotional give-away items. This type of prmo was very popualr during WWII. What type of material are they printed on?
  4. 781stBombSqdn(H), 465thBombGp(H), 55thBombWg, Fifteenth AF.
  5. I tend to agree with BobGee. When first activated in England theunit consisted of a large number of former Eagle Squadron members who adopted the attached emblem while stationed at Debden A/F. Your jacket seems be display a variation of the original Disney design for this unit.
  6. Definitey a rare bird! Looking closely at this image it almost appears as if the Engineering Specialiy sleeve patch was sewn on with the backside facing out. It just dosen't have that clean, sharp embroidered look about it, at least to my tired old eyes. Maybe you could take a look at the original photo and let us know about this?
  7. Interesting pieces, don't recall ever seeing a greenback Specialist emblem. Do you suppose the reversed image badges might have been intended for application on fatique applications? BTW - for anyone interested; the AAF Specialist cuff insignia were approved for wear in 1943 until discontinued in 1947 when the USAF became a seperate branch of service.
  8. As a point of interest, the wearing of these trianguliar cuff devices was an official USAAF uniform regulation, and required a Certificate Of Eligibility. Attached is a copy of one of these certificates. Note: As with the Official Guide To The AAF, there is no Medical cuff triangle in evidence on the attached document, and to date I have had no luck in establishing any documentation relating to these particular devices. The only thing known for certain is that they did exist, but are as scarce as hens teeth. It would sure be great if someone out there could fill in some of the blanks on this topic.
  9. Here's the Medical Specialist cuff triangle. P.S. These are real hard to find.
  10. Much obliged for the logical and very helpful follow-up on this topic.
  11. This is a long shot, but is anyone aware of a regulation that allowed the application of these devices on the left sleeve?
  12. You are correct about the direction of the bomb. Is this a physical piece in your posswsion or a photo image?
  13. If another photo would turn up depicting this same design on another 882dBombSqdn ship, we would have a pretty good idea that this was an unapproved squadron insignia and not another crew patch.
  14. Johnny - 7B1 is the emblem of the 7th Air Base Group, approved 24 Sep 1941. Distinctive Insignia Of The U.S. Army Air Forces was compiled by Joseph M Massaro / Interntional Publishing Co. Austin TX. My copy was printed in 1987 but I don't know about current printings or availability.
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