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  1. New update https://www.williamsmilitarycollectibles.com/ Thanks
  2. Every seller will be forced to use this system and trust me, it's not that bad right now compared to when we started months ago ! What's more concerning is the fact that eBay changed and / or updated their platform algorithm and is not very friendly with the Militaria categories...., some of you eBay sellers with a lot of listing may have noticed a weird pattern on the sales, meaning, sometimes you will have 2 or 3 similar items sold the same day and none for weeks etc... it's due to the Algo On thing I did is to reduce the head title with very simple key words, " WWII Army un
  3. Yes you can hold the money for a month max and it will be transferred automatically but you can't buy anything ( yet ) except the eBay shipping labels. The reason is simple, eBay doesn't have an official " Bank " status and is not regulated the the FDIC... scary enough?
  4. It will be now ! 😃, well if anyone had checked eBay 2019 financial analytics report ( I know, it's kinda creepy ! ) but they had to find a way to make their shareholders happy.. and they did !, if you are looking at their share prices for the past year and what just happened this month !! it's going up, eBay will get a lot of money on transaction fees. It's just business, we are just collateral contributors! Haha !.
  5. Few pics of this Week update. Thanks. https://www.williamsmilitarycollectibles.com/
  6. Hi Guys I've been enrolled with eBay managed payments since day one ,months ago if not a year ago already.. I've received an " Offer " amount a panel of selected sellers, to do the try out and according to them, you could opt out at anytime until you couldn't ... and I was stuck for good. At first it was a serious mess.. really bad ! but today it is kinda much better, they've just released the statements option who is quiet well made now and they did a lot of improvements. I'm just going to skip the horror story of the beginning of this system and try to explain without going un
  7. Few pics of this Week update. Thanks. https://www.williamsmilitarycollectibles.com/
  8. Few pics of this Week update. https://www.williamsmilitarycollectibles.com/
  9. Sunday's update, all categories but more in patches. Refresh your browser often since I'm still posting patches until 11h00 pm ET. Thanks Will
  10. Alright, first update with this new website platform, I'll have to admit... this eCommerce stuff is very easy to use.. almost fun ! For those who remember, I've started to build my first website with Front page 98 and that was a trip to do any updates back in those days... So, come and check us out.. or not. Thanks to you'all. Happy Collecting Will
  11. Hello Guys, I had troubles for the past 2 months with my old website, some of you contacted me via eBay since I didn't respond to any emails... Well after trying to fix stuff for weeks, talking to people from customer support with a worst English than mine.. Yes it's possible !, I've decided to leave and build one of these fun eCommerce.. And it is fun.. So, for these who were asking questions... please feel free to do so one more time ( if you feel like it ). I'm listing stuff everyday, long process but i'll get there eventually. Please come and check it out... or n
  12. Hi Guy's Just unpacking some boxes from the collection I've bought a couple years ago and fund this US Marine Corps named grouping with this Killer " Operation Eagle Pull " ( Phnom Penh ) patch. Thanks Will
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