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    9th Infantry Regiment items any era. WWII main interest.
  1. Manchu hair, worn by the 9th Infantry Regiment during the intervention in Panama 1989-90.
  2. I was under the impression that the 70 million numbers were not issued. Got this tag along with some other Vietnam insignia. Yet it is clearly stamped RA 76462671. Does any one know if any 70 million numbers were ever issued?
  3. Thanks, was wondering about the date 1-31-43. Was this done during WWII?
  4. Picked this up from a co-worker, they were found when they were cleaning out his grandmother's estate in New York. The medals belong to his grandmother's brother, he knew very little about the man except that he thought he was in the navy in WWI and the army in WWII. I believe it to be privately engraved and is numbered, looks like #173383. It looks period to me, any thought?
  5. Just looking at them briefly they all appear to be sixties era. Still they are some very nice DUI's. The goldfish one Gemsco it a very nice one, I have always liked the rich gold tone they have.
  6. Thanks everyone, I figured the obit, was wrong that happens a lot and Fold3 didn't show much. Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks, with my work it hard to get to the library. I have all the other accounts Fold3, Archives, etc, I guess it time to get ancestry.com. But any help right now is welcomed. Thanks
  8. Need help with this Marine Corp dog tag. his obituary states he was in Korea. Just wondering what his WWII service was? Thanks for any help I can get.
  9. This showed up at the local Flea Market, a 1881 Indian Scout helmet. What do you all think, is it worth restoring or just buying for the parts.
  10. Thanks Firefighters and atb, You have answered my question also, I have this medal that I could not fine anything on came with a Vietnam era grouping. It says Fort DIx over the star.
  11. Can anyone tell me more about this tag? Found very little on Fold3 on the marine who it belong to. Thanks
  12. Although I bought them all together, the pin does not belong to any of the men on the dog tags.
  13. No, they are dog tags to three brothers. As far as I can tell there are no USMA graduates in this family.
  14. Went to an estate sale bought a small box of USN items. In the box was this small USMA 1913 pin made by BB&B, 14K. I just thought it was a neat little find for what I paid. Must have been some type of graduation or sweetheart pin.
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