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  1. Thanks for posting your photographs, I really enjoyed them. It's been a long time since I've attended a show, I miss a lot, Thanks again, great photos, Gregg v
  2. I'm doing well thank you. I just noticed that I typed out post war and it should have been prewar setups are hard to come by. Your collection is impressive and really appreciate you sharing them with the collecting community, I should start doing the same. Gregg
  3. This is one of those that just screams at you, "COOL". Great helmet, post war setups are hard to come by and this helmet and grouping is fantastic. Thanks for documenting these wonderful examples for the forum members. Gregg
  4. Bob, I couldn’t agree more with your post. The Forum members are obsessed with price. Price doesn’t matter if it brings you joy, how do you put a price on joy? If you get a great price on a piece that gives you joy then it sweetens the deal. Gregg
  5. This is a great fighter squadron patch, rarely seen. This one stands tall with that English made 367th B.S., Clay Pigeon, patch you posted. Thanks for documenting this one for the forum. Gregg
  6. I just sent you a Message. Thank you, Gregg
  7. Phil, sorry that this is going in another direction then you intended. The black would work, how do I get hold of this "Gent"? I'm hoping that I don't have a join a FB group, I really don't care for FB, I'm only a member to stay in touch with old drag racing friends. Dave, I'm attaching the photos. I've have owned several rigger or pilot modified helmets over the years, I still have several that I felt are special. Since most enjoy modified flight helmets and gear I thought that I would include a photo of the chin strap. Gregg
  8. Hello All. The way I read this there is someone that is reproducing the foam ear cushions? I'm in the need for one cushion to repair an A9 flight helmet to a P-38 KIA pilot. I've had this helmet for a long time searching for one, I just don't have the heart to salvage one cushion from a good headset. If they are available I would really like to contact the person. Thank you, Gregg
  9. That's a nice find Ben, English made WWII patch. Gregg
  10. I really enjoyed going through this thread, you have a unique and great collection. I can say that you took me to school today and I learned a lot, thank you. I'm looking forward to your additions. Gregg
  11. So, where were the 122 watchers when it came to bidding? I had no dog in this hunt, I am just surprised that there are so many collectors watching an item on eBay with no intention in bidding. Either they are incredibly nosy or they are "all talk and no go". Gregg
  12. Please explain to me why there is 122 watchers on this group? Gregg
  13. Ha..........it's been about 24 hours since your original post so I have to ask: Has your message in box exploded yet from the Forum sniffers? I realize this question could be considered in bad taste but I couldn't help it, sorry. Gregg
  14. This is really sad news, I first met Marvin at the Great Western back in the early '80s. When Bill Cain and I traveled to Texas for business we always made it point to see him, a true gentleman. Peace be with you Marvin, you'll be missed. Gregg
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