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  1. Sorry I only date McCords.. Just a personal preference
  2. Like it has been said, just go for it! The eBay listing has ended, it looks like someone swooped in and grabbed it. Alec
  3. The member shcpirate has the missing Verdun MP helmet ,which he has posted earlier. I'll let him add it to the thread if he likes. Alec
  4. Thanks for all the comments everyone! Glad you enjoy it as well. Alec
  5. Hah! I think this is the closest I'll ever get to owning a D-bail! Thanks everyone and I will gather the info and check out that link. Doubt this will stop him for long but at least were doing something. And thanks to Italian Warfront for the heads up! Alec
  6. I put the winning bid on it. I have no intention on sending them money, just trying to throw a wrench in their scam. They sent me all the information for the bank transfer, I can post it for future reference unless it's not allowed. Alec
  7. It is certainly a worthy (and cost effective) fill in! Alec
  8. Thanks for the comments guys and quack, I've heard quite a few stories similar to yours of guys removing any identifying marks so as to not catch the enemys eye! Hooviedude, do you have a thread for your helmet? I'd love to see it. Alec
  9. A complete Inland AB liner recently sold on eBay for about $2.6k. I couldn't say if it was all correct or not. Alec
  10. Just got this helmet from Mark at Falls Creek Collectibles, a pleasure to deal with and speedy delivery! I have regretted selling my old KW Medics helmet the minute it was gone but luckily I got a chance at another nice one. This helmet looks even better in person, hard to capture the character it has with photos. The helmet has green painted chinstrap hardware and is rear seam. The liner has a thick overpaint which looks very nice. Thanks for looking! Alec
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