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  1. 124th ARCOM (Army Reserve Command) - in the 70s - now 124th Regional Readiness Command
  2. 20s-30s athletic team patch. Have pubbed articles on the subject in The Trading Post
  3. US Constabulary forces served only in Germany 1946-52. The only aiguilette associated w/ the Constab is a red, white, and black one as like the one found on the Ike in this opening thread.
  4. According to an article in the AJ 2005 Trading Post, it's made for collectors, never worn by WASPs. The one WASP I knew also said she had not seen it.
  5. USAFFE was United States Army Forces Far East. Originally active 1941, destroyed upon surrender US Army in 1942. MacArthur reconstituted it in 1943, inactivated in 1946 upon Philippines independence. 41st Inf Div element of Philippine Army under USAFFE. Luzon Guerilla Army Forces combined US Army/Philippine Army personnel who failed to surrender, fled into the hills, and reorganized into a formidable guerilla army. Article on North Luzon Force, similar guerilla unit, in JM 2003 Trading Post.
  6. The one on the left was washed and ironed multiple times; the one on the right has never been. They were also made by diff manufacturers.
  7. Tremendous loss to his wife and family, ASMIC, and the collecting world. Old school, veteran of the US Coast Guard.
  8. There were approx 24 Army hospital ships during WW2, ferrying wounded troops to CONUS. The Navy had 3 (?) which they used as floating hospitals. https://www.med-dept.com/articles/ww2-hospital-ships/
  9. tredhed2

    OSS Pins

    Many fraternities have “keys”, e.g. Phi Beta Kappa....I cannot speak to sororities.
  10. There is a sequence of letters in the top OHI HHO or HH...might be one I am missing
  11. You are most welcome. I was wrong - JS 2008 Trading Post.
  12. Looks like 16th Inf AT Co and is a Disney design, too. My source is US Army Insignia and Decorations by Gordon A.J. Petersen.
  13. The one depicted by Salvage Sailor is a Disney design for 68th Tank Bn. C- OD 2008 Trading Post The 16 stars on the one beginning this thread are a clue.....
  14. I found some vets from the "8th Army Signal Long Lines". With the Devil and Dog, may indicate Co D. Not entirely familiar w/ SC "long line' all I remember is they repaired our PRC 10s ha ha...so let's have some others chime in. Looks later than KW era.
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