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  1. Repro and certainly not made c. 1953.
  2. Look for a sterling made 753rd Tk Bn and you can’t go wrong. Also made by NSM.
  3. Not a Disney design. This link may help you: https://www.398th.org/Images/Images_Identifications/Patches_Squadron.html
  4. Brain fart. I'm old. Yes, the 11th Abn Div and XVIII Abn Corps wore blue and white abn tabs. The patch IS a period original.
  5. The tab is too narrow for this patch. Also, most 18th Abn Div patches are illustrated with a black and gold tab. The only WW 2 abn div w/ authorized blue and white tab is the 82nd, but your tab appears to be too narrow for the 82nd,. This narrower tab might be paired with any number of post airborne units that did not have separate (or unauthorized) patches during the war. Examples are the 2nd Abn Bde (usually blk and gold), the 511th AIR, 100th Abn Div, whatever the abn bde was for the 8th ID, and perhaps other patches which had airborne-Q personnel attached to them.
  6. JS 1991 Trading Post has simple ID only of Gp VII, Ohio Wing of CAP
  7. Yes, 7th ID unit but made in the 60s or later.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324058405416?ul_noapp=true This seller has had this patch listed for some time now. It is described as "burn embellished". You have to read it......I pointed out to him that it's not possible to know everything about every piece of insignia, but he is incorrect in his assessment. This is a 756th Tank Bn patch that originally had German metal numbers (from shoulder boards) attached 75 years ago, and someone pulled them off. I included an image of one of my 756th Tank Bn patches that still had the metal numbers attached. He has never responded to me.
  9. Here BP patches for the 15th Inf (top) and 30th Inf (bottom) Regts
  10. OK here's your second. Maybe not as much bullion, but the quilting makes up for it.
  11. tredhed2

    Shoulder Cords

    That address is Battery C 194th FA Bn, not “96th”. Try to show some respect, folks are trying to help you.
  12. Your 81st Cav Rcns were also worn by the 81st Constabulary Sq
  13. It's a reproduction. Originals are quilted, not mass embr.
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