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  1. The 158th IR was an AZ NG unit assigned to the 40th Div in WW 1. Sorry, dog tags above my pay grade.
  2. I totally missed that. 736th Engr Heavy Shop Bn. Japan c. 1946
  3. When I researched it, the responses referred to UK troops. UK units are usually IDd only by number, not suffix. “Gunners and privates” are not US terms.
  4. In the July Sept 1998 Trading Post there is an article about the US Riviera Recreation Area. Provided R & R for EM only, and they had a patch. No reason your Rest Camp insignia isn’t a DI. However, it appears to be for UK soldiers, not sure if they had DIs, or unit metal badges. Above my pay grade.
  5. One is 73rd Engr Light Equip Co next is 1940th Eng Ave Utilities Co (tailor/seamstress typo)
  6. First version, Korean Military Advisory Group. It was replaced by the bell and eagle patch.
  7. Looks 1930s or maybe early 1941 at latest, Larry. Nice find.
  8. The 95ths are interwar, not WW 1 but they have been repro’d heavily. Hard to tell from the pix, but note the 95ths bear some similarity in manufacture.
  9. The easy (and free) button to your request is to google the battalion, spelling it out in its entirety and using abbreviations. HQ & Svc Co did not build anything, but insured projects were completed, supplies were avail, etc. think of a construction battalion as soldiers involved in similar projects as the construction industry - carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concretemen, roofers, etc. they have completed projects in captured towns/villages or on army bases. The next way is to contact National Archives & Records Administration, and request a records pull on the batta
  10. Western Signal Aviation Unit Training Center, Camp Fresno, Ca
  11. This appears to be one of the series of brown (instead of black) medium material for Ranger Bn scrolls that is WW 2 period. However, to my knowledge, no one has ever provided any documentation as to their distribution and/or wear. Perhaps another Forum member has the information.
  12. Vance brought up a very good point, one that is forgotten quite often. The COM Z patch was the authorized patch worn by so many units. It was such a large command - both in physical area and number of personnel. It was divided into 10 sections/sectors, and many of these sections had tabs/scrolls. It is incorrect to say a COM Z patch w/ an ADSEC or OISE tab is an "ADSEC patch" or a 'OISE patch". They are respectively a COM Z w/ ADSEC tab or COM Z w/ OISE tab. OISE (pronounced "waahz" is both a ville and a region in France. Here are some tabs for COM Z sections/sector tabs.
  13. AAF was an element of the US Army in WW 2. Additionally, AJ 1962 Trading Post IDs this as Air Force OCS, thus placing it 1947 or later. Still, a rare piece.
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