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  1. The only problem with the cleaning is how much my employees are complaing about having to do them all
  2. I dont think anyone will be offended by your point of view, especially me - I agree with everyone on some level, I like original but also like clean My thanks for the advice and kind words was also directed at what you wrote
  3. Thanks for all the great advice guys. I would like to clarify though what I intend to do with the liners. I agree with many points, especially about leaving the vintage liners the way they are - however, many are very dirty (mud, cobwebs, grass, dirt, and dust) and as a retailer I like to present an item that is balanced between being as close to original as possible and at the same time clean. As a standard practice I try to clean as much as possible with material dry (ie brush, dust, air hose, vacuum) - getting things wet in most cases I have found causes staining, using soap on material cau
  4. I was sh&^%ng bricks and trying not to get too excited about the discovery....was worried it was too good to be true when the seller approached me in March.
  5. The only ones I am taking apart is the post VN ones, the WW2 and Korea ones I am going to clean and that is about it I may refurbish a few just to learn how to and have some to display in my own collection.
  6. I really had my fingers crossed that there would be at least a few vintage ones, it was a pity they did not take care of them more.....very happy though with the entire purchase, it goes well with the 1500+ steel shells I have left from the 4000 I purchased a year ago
  7. The lot was in the field behind thier house
  8. Drying of the suspension harnesses and sweatbands
  9. Close up of the typical condition and assortment
  10. These are some of the ones with suspension attached by A washers, some are damp so I am letting them dry over the weekend
  11. These ones stacked on the floor are waiting to be disassembled.
  12. 1972 - 1984 Nylon shells, the ones in the large box are ones where I removed the suspension harnesses, sweatbands, and nape straps - next stop for these ones is the wash bay
  13. Hi everyone - been a while since I was last on here, thought I would show my latest find Got back from the US yesterday, was down there to pick up 700 liners that I heard about in march. Was told that there were ones "with green insides and brown insides" - seller was not able to send pictures. So, I drove down with my trailer.......(approx) 350 of them were modern M1 liners with the removeable suspension, 50 of them were late VN era ones (A washers & nylon shells) - the rest are WW2 & Korea era ones !!! Many of insides are rotted (exposed to the elements) on the older ones, and the p
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