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  1. I have 2 106 empty's without the extra hole in the base will dig them up and post pix's Don
  2. Vita Freeze use to use them to ship ice cream in them Dry ice in the bottom last time I seen one was at a national guard outing near hell Hole when they were bulding the dam Don early 60's
  3. Most all of the pacific gear is hard to find or all gone I owned these since I was 10 or 11 years old I was a military brat. my wife of 50 years 4 months says I never grew up. Don
  4. The pix are from a old magazine Called Military Classics 2002 Revenge in the Pacific US Marines from Guadalcanal to Tarawa Don
  5. I have 2 bar pouches one field modified to fit on the bar belt in the back will post pix later today will have to unpack them from the move from Idaho but will post the info Don
  6. I had my hand on a west german usaf m7 just like mine but has blue scales. seen this one in about 64 in Texas wish I had it now Don I sent Bill pix of mine last year he also had more Questions than answers the green short blade stumps them Don. forgot its square cut.
  7. Mine is solid inside and welded no retaing bar. Also my blade is 61/2" The others are 67/8 will post pix later today Don
  8. Misfit I have one of the very first m7's marked west germany but my blade is green not black I have owned this one since 64 or 65. the last one with the new white out lined colt emblem one the other side of the blade is the new production also my blade is shorter Don
  9. Iwill call him back tomarrow and ask he's 88 years young go's to bed early Don
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