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  1. I’m not a photo collector but I found this at an antique store and thought it was cool. The photo shows a Coastal Artilleryman in a pre WW1 uniform. He has 9th band collar discs and a coastal artillery first class rate on the sleeve. on the back it is named to Emile Z Dersin 9th Band CAC. i found his obituary and it states: EMBLE Z. DERSIN HOUTZDALE — Emile Dersin, 78, a resident of Atlantic, Houtzdale R. D.. died at 8:25 o'clock yesterday morning in the Philipsburg State General Hospital where he had been a patient for five weeks. He was a retired co
  2. Just picked up some Military photos including these three of female Marines. One looks like graduation- I can’t make out the badges they’re wearing. And the other two are nice shots with HBTs.
  3. Ed McCue spent the war on the USS St Louis CL-49 includingDecember 1941.
  4. Hello everyone, I picked up a nice pair of USN dog tags at the swap meet this morning. One tag has the thumbprint on the back along with Tetanus dates of 42 and 43. A search of ancestry shows that he spent the war on the USS St Louis CL-49 including December 1941. I haven’t been able to find too much about him outside of the muster rolls But I’ll update if I find anything.
  5. Amazing beret. I have a blouse from this unit but GG desert stuff is hard to find.
  6. Still a cool piece, I’d be interested to find out when and where they were made. This one I posted was owned by a WW2 vet who was a POW in Europe.
  7. I’ve owned a few. Not particularly rare.
  8. Thanks! i did notice the ribbon bar was upside down but I’m gonna leave it as I found it. The veteran died in 1951 so it had probably been stored away like this for a long time.
  9. Thanks! I usually don’t pick up Navy jumpers anymore but couldn’t say no with the PH ribbon. Im thankful it was named with a unique history. ftom what I understand only three US ships were sunk by Kaiten submarines.
  10. Hello all, I picked up a uniform set to a sailor who served on the USS Underhill which served in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific. It was sunk in a suicide attack by a Japanese Kaiten manned torpedo on 24 July 1945 which is likely where he was wounded. It has a beautiful set of ribbons on one of the jumpers. If they NPRC ever reopens I’ll send for his file.
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