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  1. My latest eBay purchase- a 1923-24 dress blue blouse named to J. P. Mahoney Jr. I found muster rolls for John P Mahoney Jr who served in China in the 1920s and is likely the guy. Not sure why there’s a WW2 era Navy presidential unit citation, or the Medal for Merit, but I’m sure the ribbons were just added.
  2. I think you’re right. They did a good job though, the black thread for the groove along the spine goes back over the red thread.
  3. Hello all, I just picked up this interesting Kiska Task Force patch with red thread on the blade, presumably representing blood. The patch is on a 1950s officer’s class A uniform with a 1st Army patch on the other side. Both patches are sewn far too low but there is no indication of any other patches having been sewn or removed. The KTF is on the “combat side” as the FWTSSI. has anyone seen this done on a patch like this? thanks for looking.
  4. Hello everyone, Along with uniforms I also collect autographs from Medal of Honor recipients. My most recent pick up the signature of Smedley Butler dated 1924 from his time as the Philadelphia Director of Public Safety. Butler was a two time recipient of the Medal if a honor as well as a recipient of the Marine Corps Brevet Medal. in 1924 he became the director of the Philadelphia Department of Public Safety. In one instance he made a statement that he would promote the first officer to kill a bandit and stated, "I don't believe there is a single bandit notch on a policeman's gun
  5. I’m not a photo collector but I found this at an antique store and thought it was cool. The photo shows a Coastal Artilleryman in a pre WW1 uniform. He has 9th band collar discs and a coastal artillery first class rate on the sleeve. on the back it is named to Emile Z Dersin 9th Band CAC. i found his obituary and it states: EMBLE Z. DERSIN HOUTZDALE — Emile Dersin, 78, a resident of Atlantic, Houtzdale R. D.. died at 8:25 o'clock yesterday morning in the Philipsburg State General Hospital where he had been a patient for five weeks. He was a retired co
  6. Just picked up some Military photos including these three of female Marines. One looks like graduation- I can’t make out the badges they’re wearing. And the other two are nice shots with HBTs.
  7. Ed McCue spent the war on the USS St Louis CL-49 includingDecember 1941.
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