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  1. Amazing beret. I have a blouse from this unit but GG desert stuff is hard to find.
  2. Still a cool piece, I’d be interested to find out when and where they were made. This one I posted was owned by a WW2 vet who was a POW in Europe.
  3. I’ve owned a few. Not particularly rare.
  4. Thanks! i did notice the ribbon bar was upside down but I’m gonna leave it as I found it. The veteran died in 1951 so it had probably been stored away like this for a long time.
  5. Thanks! I usually don’t pick up Navy jumpers anymore but couldn’t say no with the PH ribbon. Im thankful it was named with a unique history. ftom what I understand only three US ships were sunk by Kaiten submarines.
  6. Hello all, I picked up a uniform set to a sailor who served on the USS Underhill which served in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific. It was sunk in a suicide attack by a Japanese Kaiten manned torpedo on 24 July 1945 which is likely where he was wounded. It has a beautiful set of ribbons on one of the jumpers. If they NPRC ever reopens I’ll send for his file.
  7. Cool little eBay pickup. Scrapbook with airborne photos and newspaper clippings from Vietnam. Also has a cool small pennant on the front.
  8. Hello everyone, I am very excited to have picked up several uniforms and paper items belonging to LtCol William Brustman. Brustman is one of less than 400 soldiers who have earned the third award of the CIB for service in combat in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. A large collection of Brustman’s estate was listed on eBay recently in bits and pieces. I was able to get his ww2 91st infantry division officers coat, two green class As, retirement documents, an ARVN drivers license, and an officer guide. I didn’t see the items were half gone and I missed out on several that I bid on. Did anyone else pick up any of the other pieces?
  9. Thanks guys! I hope to learn more about this soldier and post again if I find anything out.
  10. Thanks Wake1941, I wasn’t sure on the vintage of the patch. I got this from the veteran’s son in law. I don’t know if he had any sons but that’s definitely a possibility.
  11. Interesting point. He was born in 1918 so he was already 23 when the war started and served later in the war. I don’t know the time frame of the BSA patch. It may have been his sons and just got mixed up with the military patches much later
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