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  1. Sorry ! I can’t find the post !
  2. Dave I was thinking same thing ? There was a AC 47 crewman posted on the forum a while ago. what I remember it was very similar to this one .
  3. Kevin I don’t get looking at it that it’s WWII small blackened engraved . Seems later to me but I’m no expert . The USAF Vietnam one I had was different but as you said they are all over with engravings . There was a USAF Kia VN on the forum a while back from a C47 gunship guy that I remember being similar? I have been trying to find it ?
  4. I’m guessing so many being given out they never noticed ?
  5. Recon co Christmas 1968 he is man under E in sign. from Americal site.
  6. Not a pa guy but could not resist ! E Co 1st Bn 20th IR 11th inf Bde Americal div Sykes Regular Found online CO E was the recon unit. Long range patrol found pic of him in unit online .
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