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  1. Jim same here ! Hope you are well ! Collecting at all ?
  2. Shawn super tribute to three brave men.
  3. Very nice collection of a great division!
  4. I think toms collection is in the wind ? I believe it sold off not long after his death ? I have seen his stuff listed on several dealer sites since .
  5. A resent trade a Pa guy from Scranton . MIA August 15 1944 during operation Dragoon the invasion of southern France . LST hit by Henschel HS293 radio controlled glide bomb.
  6. I have seen times when more than one Heart was giving out to NOK though . Say a divorced parents ?
  7. Can you tell the name of the site that these are being sold on so we can be made aware ?
  8. Oh Dave ! You got me worried now ! If they fool you I’m screwed !
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