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  1. What is it ? Don’t sell much on there but sometimes .
  2. Could engraving be artificially aged ? Front seems clean back seems ? Is that some sort of polish residue on reverse ?
  3. No expert but it looks like there is odd line in front of the 7 s ? Seems each letter and number punched separately? I would think they would have been a process of doing the numbering at one time ? Seems Roberts examples all lined up neatly stamped.
  4. Is that how a war trials patch should look ?
  5. Medals of CWT survivor of USS Quincy sunk Savo island . Also WWI army vet
  6. Great heart ! Glad it found a good home and did not get trashed !
  7. Nice ! Did you paint the tiger face hand ? 5th RCT tank co I believe painted their tanks like this ?
  8. I think your JR may be IR miniatures? They were sold in kit for bare lead to glue and paint .
  9. Just saw this so sad ! A great guy ! RIP .
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