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  1. Just added this theater modified Western BX-54 to the other two I have. Came with the sheath pictured. I believe the sheath was more recently embellished with the leather woven leg tie as well as the U.S MARINE CORPS stamping. Too bad because the sheath is in pretty decent condition.
  2. The sheath is definitely not original to the knife. The knife/blade however looks to be in very good condition. I see there is a price of $250 on the sheath. In my opinion I would think that is top end for this combo. Maybe slightly less. That is just my opinion.
  3. Hey sactroop, Just caught up to this topic. I only want to make a clarification about the picture you posted of the Western Bx-54 and the W-47. The Western Bx-54 never had a "S" guard and the W-47 is actually a first variant (1964) pre W49 designation Bowie. It`s interesting to note the satin finish on the that blade. The first variant came through in both a high polish and satin finish with the latter being less encountered.
  4. I see them show up on eBay every so often. As a matter of fact I just checked and there is one listed now for $35 or best offer plus $6 shipping.
  5. For those of you that are into the MK2`s, check out item # 183852536446 on eBay. Its a USMC KA-BAR with early blued blade, red spacers and leather sheath. Being described as "very nice" "near mint". Currently at $1175 with 4 days to go.
  6. dunit35, I would say the drag (tip) was replaced. In addition to it lacking the M.S stamp, the wear to the rivets is negligible compared to the leather body of the scabbard. The rivets are made of brass and this would be clearly evident. Only one that I have that is in pristine condition shows no wear to the rivets. All have the M.S stamp. Wonder how the rivets on the throat compare to those on the drag. Also the finish and or patina of the throat as it compares to the drag..
  7. The "wavy" material you refer to used in the handle appears to be micarta. Its been around since 1910 first used by Westinghouse for electrical purposes. It consists of layers of fine linen in thermoplastic setting/resin, although other materials such as paper, carbon fiber, canvas and fiberglass have been used. It is favored in the knife making industry for use as handle scales. Extremely strong it is also impervious to liquids such as blood and water thus being resistant to warpage and shrinkage. When it is shaped it will have the appearance of wood grain. Left unpolished it provides a good
  8. I agree with doyler. They were well made and the gun blue mirror finish is second to none. However, the exposed tangs were prone to rusting. To find a mint or near mint specimen including the original leather sheath is a tall order and will command a premium price. The value of Western war time models have been steadily increasing.
  9. Ok Ron, you got me with the picture and accompanying words , and I`m guessing as well as a few others that commented. The reasons "cited" I came across while researching this variant. Their words not mine. However, looking out from my microcosm, I believe there are more of these out there than originally thought, or at least I thought. Reckon we respectfully agree to disagree.
  10. There is speculation that as few as 25-50 of this variation of the LF&C M1917 were initially produced before production was halted. Reason(s) cited were addition cost, the extra knuckle being ineffectual as well as it interfering in use with the scabbard. What ever the case may have been I find it hard to believe that those numbers are correct and in my opinion are quite a bit higher.. I say this based on the numbers that I have seen shown up for sale over the years, those that have passed through my hands of which I kept one for my collection, and those in other collections. Ron I must sa
  11. I had an extra pyramid M1917 LF&C that was found in a green house in a bucket with other gardening tools. The owners wife used it to plant tulip bulbs. Surprisingly it was is pretty descent condition.
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