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  1. WOW! Great chevrons, thanks for posting.
  2. 11th Engineer Bn DI embroidered on scarlet bib 1963-4 Korea.
  3. Menu of Company M U.S. Engineer Regiment from 1909. Came with two photos of Aldus F Eshleman who is listed in the menu.
  4. A 19th Century campaign medal with provenance to an Engineer…….preferably with a photo of him.
  5. That is a coll grouping. Are there any photos of the construction of the road?
  6. Engineer Maintenance Companies performed 2nd and 3rd echlon maintenance.
  7. Here is a photo of a DI in the collection of the Army Engineer Museum at Fort Leonard Wood.
  8. A great museum with a very professional staff. I traveled six hours to see the museum and was not disappointed.
  9. This is the type of 5 button coat that was introduced in 1874. However this coat was made after 1884 as evidenced by the 3 buttons on the cuff (coats before 1884 only has two buttons). These coats were phased out in 1904, except for the coast artillery. These coats were issued to coast artillery at least until 1910. Your coat dates to definitely after the turn of the century, as evidenced by the chevrons.
  10. Sarge, These little strap looking devices are attachments to for the Spanish War Veteran's Association Medal. There was a great article in JOMSA a few years back.
  11. Alonzo, The unit history for the 2nd Engineers lists a Private James E Caldwell as being KIA. Later it lists a Bulger Verne V. Caldwell as bing awarded the Croix-de-Guerre.
  12. THe 2nd Engineers is a really cool unit. Check out the article about the 2nd Engineers in Army History Magazine at this link http://www.history.army.mil/armyhistory/AH58newOCR.pdf
  13. Looking for a Medal for Military Order of the Carabao #753. This was for Major Harry H. Bandholtz (22nd Infantry). I have the rest of his medals and orders. I also have his certificate for the Military Order of the Carabao, just missing the medal.
  14. Jason, What did you ever do with the photos taken by Atkins that you got witht he Lt Schnur grouping? Thanks Troy
  15. great photo! That SSI looks neat. Is it sewn on?
  16. KY, I work at a military museum, I'm gothering material for a Christmas exhibit. Could you send me a high rez scan of the card and the note. troy.morgan@us.army.mil Thanks
  17. These are great. I have Honor Roll Poster for the 301st Military Police.
  18. Paul, I have a photo of B and C Mounted Engineers moving a building at Fort Bliss Texas in 1916. I wonder if your pictures are from the same series. If you send me an Email at work, I'll send you the picture I'm talking about. troy.morgan@us.army.mil
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