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  1. In 1905 and 1906 shovels were purchased by contract. There were many problems with the quality of handles. In 1907 the Chief of Ordnance directed that the steel parts continue to be contracted, but the wood parts be made at Rock Island Arsenal and the shovel be assembled at RIA. It seems likely that since the shovels made for the Army specified two straps, one of those contractors could have easily made a single strapped shovel for the civilian market.

  2. A few things to consider in the debate over the unsupported shovel. In 1906 the individual tools were made by contract. The Specs called for both the shovel spade and the handle (the shaft portion, not the T part) to be stamped US. After 1907, the medal part continued to be made on contract, while the wooden parts of the individual tools were made at RIA, and the assembly was done at RIA. All the examples of the unsupported intrenching tool I have seen do not have the US stamp on the handle. If the contractor was already making the metal parts for the RIA contract, it would be easy for them to make the unsupported variant for the civilian market.........thoughts?

    Now the debated non-supported handle that most said is a surplus dealer item. But if you look at the left one you can see where a supporting piece was added and spot welded. To stir up a hornets nest I still say the unsupported on was a military item and after weakness was discovered they added the extra support. I will now duck to miss incoming. Robert


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