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  1. Nice picture. Note the ribbon bar is also English made, and he has domed collar discs, these were a common in theatre trend, sometimes made using coins with one side polished smooth. I'd suggest the picture was possibly taken in the U.S. judging by the lady's dress and hairstyle. Matt.
  2. Thanks Okie. Between the suggestions here and looking at examples which have sold on eBay I'm going to put it in the for sale section at $450 including shipping from the UK, and if there's no interest I'll try ebay. I've owned it for twenty five years and bought it from an older collector here when I was in my teens. It does have a story attached, but without any solid evidence to support it that's unfortunately all it is, a story. The collector I got it from claimed to have obtained it from a gentleman in Suffolk who found it near the crash site of a B-17, but as I say it's just a st
  3. Another item I'd appreciate help with establishing the value of. Thanks.
  4. These are very nice!. They are definitely WWII period English made wings, originally they were on blue felt, you can still see some traces, but unfortunately moths have eaten the wool felt away, leaving the underlay and backing material intact.
  5. Personally I'd say there is a strong possibility it is either a put together, or has been "enhanced" by the addition of the wings and ribbons. Apart from the wings all the other insignia/patches appear to be original WWII to 1950's manufacture. The tan uniform wasn't work by the 8th Air Force in the ETO but could have been worn stateside after the 8th returned to the states, or later on Okinawa. Matt.
  6. it is a Flying Cadet coat, but with the sewn down belt with buckle and the metal rather than bullion collar insignia it dates from the late 30's. I will post more detailed info in due course as this is an area which interests me greatly.
  7. Hi, If you are the buyer of the Air Medal recently sold on eBay I believe it actually belonged to a different Lt. James G. Taylor who was with the 461st BG, 15th Air Force, he was a POW. Incidentally I won the auction for this medal on eBay when it was initially listed, however the seller canceled the sale claiming he'd been contacted by the original owners Grandson who had made him a substantial offer, and the medal was then re-listed with a buy it now of twice the original selling price.
  8. Hi Daniel, The seller was located in New Egypt, NJ but as he deals the coat could have originated elsewhere. Matt.
  9. I have seen several WWII period pictures of Army/AAF officers wearing air gunner wings, but would be interested to hear of other examples. I recently acquired an officers coat which is named and dated October 1943 and which has an interesting combination of what I'm pretty certain is German made bullion insignia dating from the immediate post WWII occupation period. Unfortunately the name in the coat is J.E. Clark, making further research somewhat like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack!. The wing and shoulder patch, an unusual combination. Matt.
  10. Hi Ben, it's certainly an interesting coat. I'd suggest he probably rarely wore it after returning to the US as otherwise it's unlikely he would have been able to continue wearing his blue wing backing, plus the fact there's no discharge patch means he probably wasn't using it regularly at the time he was discharged. Matt.
  11. Hi, Can anyone ID this brassard being worn by an AAF Aviation Cadet?. Thanks, Matt.
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