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  1. Cadets, Sons of Veterans, you name it, but by the insignia on the hats, the age of a couple of the boys, I 'd say not US Army.
  2. I have understood that these were good for front line units, because they could be made to not ring and they didn't need batteries. I can't remember what the what the range was, but they were good for forward listening posts to communicate with the defenses behind them. I can't document this at the present time, so it's just an opinion.
  3. The "Exceptional Medical Replacement Draft Unit #25" would have been a temporary unit to move men from camp to overseas assignments. Not sure what would have made them "Exceptional". What was his unit listed for the return voyage?
  4. My best advice would be to sell the tree and put $300 to $500 into a complete saddle. They come up fairly frequently. Do your research on what needs to be on a complete saddle. You will spend a lot more money trying to find all the straps and parts. Also, a saddle that has been together for a while looks like it's been together for a while. It will display much nicer. A parts saddle will have different shades and condition of the leather. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just saying it's probably not worth the effort.
  5. Here is part of the specification for cover for the 1903 and the 1917 rifles.
  6. Here is part of the specification for the BAR Rifle Cover. All the parts seem to match with the cover / case in question
  7. Brauer Bros. contract P7393-4658EQ, Aug. 1918 for 25,000 "Carry Case for Colt-Browning" Progressive contract P7747-4811EQ Sept. 1918 for 25,000 "Carrying Case for Browning-Colt Light Rifle" I have not located any contracts for carrying cases for Springfield or 1917 Enfield Rifles.
  8. I have been through all of my drawing and Archival material and can not find anything on these belts and pouches. Jon P
  9. I found your guy on Ancestry. All I could find was his WWI draft registration card, (he is from Rockville, MD) Federal Census Records through 1940 and a "find a grave" with a birth date of April 17, 1889 and a death date of Aug. 17, 1939. No military service on his grave stone and no overseas deployment shows up of the transport records. What makes you think he has WWI service? Half of the guys who served in WWI never went overseas, so no transport records. Best Jon P
  10. It's a Mills commercial belt. The number 18 indicates what size cartridge it's for. I think it is .38-55 Rifle.
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