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  1. Hello Everyone. I have an opportunity to buy a uniform purported to be from a soldier serving during WW2's Manhattan Project. The uniform seems to be in pristine condition. In reality, it seems to be in too good of condition. Please check the photos. Is everything in its proper place and look authentic? For example, the three ribbon bars are separated. Is this common? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Linas
  2. Thanks Tonomachi. I wonder if all the uniform specs are correct. I think I will also try in another section of this site. Linas
  3. Hello Everyone. I have an opportunity to buy at auction a purported uniform from the WW2 Manhattan Project. I though am not sure it is authentic. I know this section is for shoulder sleeves, but I include it here thinking this may be the right place to help me. Please take a look at the photos and let me know if you think the uniform, and most importantly the shoulder patch, is indeed from the Manhattan Project itself and not a reproduction. Thanks for all your help. Linas
  4. Hello Everyone. I have an opportunity to buy several WWI and WWII patches at auction. I though do not know if they are original and the auction house will not authenticate. Please take a look at the photos. Anyone with expertise can please help me out. The first one is for the 4th Infantry Division. Here is what the auction says: US WWI AEF Army 4th Infantry Division Shoulder Patch. Measures 2 3/4" in diameter. The front shows the army 4th Division emblem with a 3rd Army ‘A’ letter in the center mounted onto an OD green wool backing. Six piece hand sewn w
  5. Hello everyone. I have an opportunity to buy two air force wings, but this is not my area of speciality. I would like some help identifying them. What I would like to know most includes: 1. are they original? 2. what service area? 3. what era? 4. anything else you think might be of interest. Thank you. Linas
  6. Hello All. I bought a large lot of WW2-era patches. Below are photos of the lot. I identified most of them, which I share below. Several though I do not know (last photo). Your help would be appreciated. And please correct me if I am wrong anywhere. Enjoy. Linas 1. Army Anti Aircraft Artillery Central Command 2. 102nd Infantry “Ozark” Division 3. Fourth Army Air Force 4. III Corps 5. AGF Replacement Depots 6. 6th Armored “Super Sixth” Division 7. 2nd Service Command 8. ADSEC – Euro
  7. OK, great for the info from all of you. I will not buy them. Take care. Linas
  8. Hello All. I have an opportunity to buy at auction what are stated to be a pair of US post-WWII Nurnberg War Crime Tribunal Collar Insignias. I do not know if these are original. Can you please review the attached photos and let me know your thoughts? Also,I would like to know of their rarity, as they are a bit pricey. The description states: Pair of US World War II NURNBERG War Crimes Trials Distinctive Collar Insignia. They measure 1 1/8” wide by 1 7/16” tall. The front shows the scales of justice in the center with an eagle at the base. The reverse side is maker marked ‘L.
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