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  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate you responding .
  2. Folks, Quick question. I have seen a purported WW2 IKE . I have seen alot of WW2 IKES over the years. Most tags are dated, and are usually by contracted clothiers. This one just says: Phila. Quartermaster Depot ------------------------------------ Inspected by There is no info if or who inspected. There IS a small paper tag stapled in the jacket that says 044. My question/s: is this WW2, have you seen it on WW2 jackets? Thank you. Jeff
  3. Folks, Is there an easy way to take photos on your phone and upload on the forum? Any particular photo settings to do on my phone? Hate to do the old way - d/load to laptop, size, tthe upload to forum. Thanks in advance Jeff
  4. Hi All, Could someone offer advice on the cuurent value/price for the following: MINT UNUSED VN Erdl OD ripstop jacket (1970 dated) " " VN Erdl OD ripstop pants (1969 dated) Used VN ERDL Ripstop Camouflaged jacket (69/70 dated) Used pretty worn in stop spots VN Erdl camo pants Thank you in advance. Jeff
  5. I appreciate any help someone may give me here. I saw a ribbon (2 on a bar) and they are paper back marked: Viking Qwikset. Army Good Conduct, Pat App. Hillborn-Hamburger. It is on what appears to be period WW2 uniform. Researching her on the USMF , I also see later similar ones but with the ACTUAL patent # on it. My questions are: 1) Is it WW2 or are ALL paper backed post WW2? If they are 1945-46 it makes sense. 2) If it is WW2, when did they convert to paper backed, with specifically "pat. app" on them? Thank you in advance. Jeff
  6. Hope someone can help me. I have a WW2 Pilot's wing set. One of the pins on te back broke off at the base where it is affixed to the wing irself. I tried super glue, but that doesn't seem to hold it. It initially held, but when I put on the "cap", it came back off (at the base.) Thank you in advance. Jeff
  7. It looks very nice. My question is though, wanted the 82AB be on the right side (combat) vs the 17th? Maybe its me, but I usually see it the other way around. Also, if he was on D-Day, as stated, I would suspect the 82d pacth would be on the right side. I don't know the answer, that's why I am asking. The REAL NICE ONE is the jump jacket,boots, helmet by motelbuyer - last look it was over 2500 with 5+days to go. Jeff
  8. Re: WW2 3AD patches. I have seen one with the thunderbolt and one without. Standard triangle - no tab. What period did they wear the patch without, or was this an error? Thanks in advance. Jeff
  9. Hi All, Hope someone can help me this? What is the medal to the left of the PH? The one color looks pink vs a" faded red". Thanks in advance. Jeff
  10. RE: They Were Expendable": It was realistic in part, because Robert Montgomery and John Ford were both Naval Officers and Montgomery had served in the Pacific as a naval officer. It was said that Duke was very distraught being in this movie with the 2 Navy veterans and he had not served. Regardless , the Duke was "larger than life" to me growing up. As a personal note, my father enjoyed watching Duke's movies, but commented on more than one occasion that he had not served in the war (like my father and a good portion of his generation). They don't make male movie stars like they used to: Wayn
  11. Looks to be a company grade officer cap. Probably didn't want to spring the bucks for a field grade (o4 and above) that has the scrambled eggs.
  12. Looks like both are militaria dealers - the one states he has some sale represent him and list his items, so maybe party a is not talking to party b. BUT,... if the one sold yesterday, why relist the other 19 hrs ago. The Misssouri tunic for $95 had only one bid; as I mentioned the CA tunic is listed for $149 has been lsited 3 times - no bidders. On EBAY, its on page 2 of newly listed US uniforms.
  13. There is a tailor tag in BOTH, and BOTH are slightly detached. :think The one from Missouri sold for $95, but you can get the officer's other one from California for $149 - you may get it a little cheaper as this is the 3d time it is being listed.
  14. The tailor who inked the name, probably did both at the same time. :think:
  15. Both have same tailor tag, same ribbons, same embroidered wings, same 5th AF, 1st AF SSI, or rank on epaulettes. Maybe he had two made. Would be nice to have them reunited by one owner.
  16. NOW, this one is listed (for the third time) TODAY. This seller is from California.
  17. I saw this on ebay yesterday, and the uniform looked familiar: This particular one sold on EBAY YESTERDAY, the seller is from Missouri.
  18. Thanks guys. Appreciate your help. I suspected it was an add-on, as it looked too new. BUT, I bought it for the uniform which is 100% WW2. Jeff
  19. Hi All, I didn't take a pic yet, but I was looking at one of my uniforms last nite. The uniform is definitely WW2 and dated as such. The ribbons are sewn on and are good. What interests me is there is a sr Jumper (star) airborne wings on it. The set is clutch back and has markings L22. Are these WW2? Thanks in advance, Jeff
  20. It was for a medic in the medical company in the 101st. Was at Nijmegen and the Bulge - no jumps made. His ike went for $500 and change, his ID card, diary (started in may 45), some paper clippings and stuff went for over $600; he also had a laundry bag, gaietres and a few odd/ends. Great provenance, but as I said he didn't make any jumps and didn't have any special awards (i.e bronze star,....)
  21. I was watching the sale of M42 para pants. They sold for over 15,000 dollars. Unbeliveable!
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