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  1. The Indianapolis Muster Roll for Oct 17 1945 on Ancestry lists the entire crew. They are either listed as dead or wounded (no exceptions). None are listed as missing. So there probably is no way to answer the question about who initially survived the sinking.
  2. Nice Type 3 that would be a late issue. I have an Indy that is Type 2. Same short titled case. Dave
  3. Major Bell, VMSB-141, was KIA in 1942 in Guadalcanal. His entire estate was auctioned a number of years ago. His military uniforms and medals were split up in the auction, Over the years I have acquired 4 complete uniforms, photos, copies of files and correspondence from prior owners of the collection, one of whom was Doug Bailey. Does anyone know the location of the medals or any other Bell items? It would include an engraved Type 1 Purple Heart. Dave Sleeper
  4. ww1collector

    RIP Tom Lane

    This is a sad day for the collecting world and all Tom's friends. I am concerned that all his info on his website www.purplehearts.net might go away. If there is a way to preserve it, I am all in with financial help so it can be preserved for many years. Any ideas? Dave Sleeper
  5. I saw Bob's collection many years ago at his home. It included some amazing aviation patched uniforms that probably were one of a kind. He had the most incredible collection I have ever seen. Makes me wish I could see it again. I am out of the WW1 uniform collecting field; now just collect WW2 KIA groups. Have fun at the shows. Dave Sleeper
  6. I find it unusual that this engraving is on a Type 2. Is yours?
  7. New acquisition Stuver, James W. Rank: Seaman 1C Serial Number: 8665856 Military Branch: USS Hovey, DMS 11 Origin: Kansas Date of Death: 1945-1-7 Manila American Cemetery James Wesley Stuver was born in St. Clair, Kansas on April 18, 1925 to his parents Ora and Bessie Stuver. He had 3 older siblings. His father, Ora, died in 1936. He enlisted in the Navy in Kansas City on August 13, 1943. He reported aboard the USS Hovey on April 16, 1944. His ship, an old converted 4 stacker, was torpedoed and sunk on January 7, 1945, and he was confirmed KIA on March
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