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  1. Yeah, definitely not Zamar's, I have a bunch of his pouches, these are not even close to his. I'll probably just use these for storing ammo, or to add to the trade pile.
  2. Got these in a batch of used reenactor gear. They were mixed in with some Herb Zamar made pouches, but these two don't appear to be his work. Anyone know who made these? Just curious...
  3. Kind of looks like spray can paint, especially that drip mark on the last photo. Which makes me think it isn't wartime.
  4. Looking at the eyelets, it looks like it was assembled properly. Just stamped on the inside.
  5. I've got an identical one in my collection, minus the 1ID patches. Mine just has some Bart Simpson graffiti on the side. Same MP letters on the front however.
  6. Commercially made copy. I remember seeing these in a Sportman's Guide catalog in the 90s.
  7. I've found fixed bales on 80s set-ups, woodland covers and the nylon chin straps. They stayed in circulation.
  8. Looks good, what maker is the liner used out of curiosity?
  9. I've had a refurb M2 in my collection for probably 20 years, with no liner, finally going to get a nice repro line for it. Who is making the most accurate ones these days? Top Pots, At The Front, J. Murray, other? Their liners all look pretty similar, but I'm betting there are some minor differences I'm not picking up on. Thanks in advance.
  10. Keepers almost appear to be chrome. Shiny and polished.
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