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  1. The only one I recognize is the loop handle on the bottom. It looks like an issue rod for the 1911. Slot for the patch and internal threading on the end for bore brush.
  2. When I enlisted in the Army in 1980 they were transitioning from the green permanent press 'pickle suit' to the BDU. About the mid to late 80's they must of found a whole shitpile of these things because they actually reissued them and it wasn't uncommon to see people walk around with these and a BDU cover. The green VN baseball cap was not authorized. I imagine they were left over from VN and they just wanted to get them out of inventory. My 2 cents is that that is a legit set of 'jungles' as we called them. Clothing Sales sold them very cheap but again that was the 80's. Hope this helps.
  3. CAB and Mechanics/Driver Badge. The MOH was probably awarded posthumously after a PLL shuffle mishap. Now units are issued 2 bags of oil dry.
  4. I know this is a crummy pic but I finally got my dads yard long and boot photo framed and hung in my office. The YL is labeled Sep 1944, US Navel Training Center, Great Lakes, ILL. Cheers!
  5. Sarge55


    They both look like practice grenades. The hole on the bottom is to expel the blast from the cap. Best regards,
  6. Thanks Matt My friend DPMS came with a set of Troy's before he scoped his. Best regards
  7. Hi Matt, Cool AR, I just bought a Rock River carbine and I'm having a blast with it!! I'll try to upload a pic along with my buds MINI-SAS. I was wondering what kind of rear sight yours came with, it looks different from an A2, just nosey. Good luck at Basic, as you can tell from my avitar I used to be a DI about fifty pounds ago so let me know if I could be some help. I wish some of my former troops had your trigger time on the AR! Best regards, Mark
  8. Panama style soles, post VN
  9. Thanks for the quick heads up guys, I really want to do this right because I want to mate this with my buddy's MI carbine. Any tips on touching up the blade? When I was on active duty I used a Lansky sharpening system for all my blades with good results but it leaves an almost too perfect edge on the blade if you know what I mean. I'm thinking of using a stone just to make it look more period. Any thoughts? Best regards, Mark
  10. Hi All I just picked up an M4 with an M8A1 scabbard from the vet and it's been sitting for years in a drawer. It's just starting to surface rust and the former NCO in me wants to oil it up and make it serviceable but I've heard also not to touch old things as it detracts from value. The blade is still sharp but I would touch it up if I would be carrying it on my pistol belt. Any thoughts would be appreciated and I could upload some pics if needed but it's in pretty good shape for a 'been there' blade. Best regards, Mark
  11. What a great pic! Can anyone ID the crew served weapon? Looks like a water cooled barrel cal .30 with out the water system attatched. The way the tripod is deployed on two jerry cans it looks like they are using the indirect fire method. It almost looks like the team leader is acting as a forward observer FO. Looks like these guys are ready to rain down some hurt on the enemy. What a great bunch of heroes. My two cents. Mark
  12. Thanks all for the comments, at least SG has a decent return policy. I've seen these scopes on Ebay, LOL. I can still hear my departed father (USN '44) say "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" Best regards Mark
  13. Hi All, I'm a newbie at the forum but I just wanted to throw this out. My bud wants to scope a Rem 7mag and saw an ad in the Sportsmans Guide for a U.S Gov't Issue rifle scope. After a little digging I found out that this was a chicom knockoff. My issue is with SG for advertising it as an issue item. Can someone give me the poop on the scope or SG's ISGI policy? I like SG's products and buy alot of stuff from them, but I think they dropped the ball on this one. Best regards Mark
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