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  1. The women are working on early CJ-2A civilian jeeps. Notice the tail gates that did not come on WW2 military Jeeps.
  2. Early .50 BMG spare parts box. The partitions are missing, but an oiler would be in one compartment.
  3. Interesting in that it has a British Broad Arrow acceptance mark. First time I've seen that one a 40mm shell.
  4. Navy type lead acid storage battery type 19046 or 19027A.
  5. I've heard that the gold paint was indicative of a souvenir being on display at a VFW hall. I've seen Patton swords and Mausers painted gold.
  6. Good eye. I didn't see that difference before.
  7. I've never seen one with a hole in the end of the handle that was factory drilled. I suspect that it's been repainted.
  8. The picture in post 1 and 3, those are the same grenades in both pics. Looks at the other common items. The plastic medical bottles are laying in the exact same position in both pics.
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