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  1. I wasn't planning on this post to focus on the M1 Wheeled Machinegun Mount. But since you asked....
  2. Got this at a local auction a few years ago. But recently a photo was brought to my attention of a group of 40th ID soldiers crowded around an M1A1 Wheeled Machinegun Mount who are all wearing the very same style helmets. That machinegun cart was adopted in 1932, so the photo is circa mid-1930's.
  3. That old post was back in '07, and I started it with the same question that I asked today. Getting forgetful I'm afraid.
  4. So which is It? Real or otherwise?
  5. I'll admit I'm too lazy to go through hundreds of posts to learn for myself if these are real or not. So I'm only looking for a quick answer. Real or not? TIA
  6. Just got these today. The maker marking is almost impossible to make out. I'm curious is they are USMC issue due to the square metal strap tips and cast bronze buckles? Also the metal tab where the front D rings are attached are blued.
  7. You are correct. M1912 pistol belt that was reissued during WW2. You can tell by the WW2 style laundry marking M-4190.
  8. And for fun, two for the Colt M1903 pocket pistol.
  9. Here are my Audley holsters for the M1911. The swivel holster has the 1914 patent date.
  10. Hanneken and his holster. And the same pistol and holster still in his descendants possession.
  11. I know that Sgt Hanneken, USMC, wore one during his time in Nicaragua circa 1925.
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