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  1. really love your collection !
  2. thanks a lot ! will post tonight more pictures
  3. Thanks for all your comments , I will post details of the display and the display case . Ivy First
  4. it's real stone , old house attic
  5. My New room , it's really better for me than the other one . I will post more details in the folowing days
  6. really nice !!!!!! I ve to work on it !!!
  7. I can get this tanker jacket , it's small size , dirty and repaired on elbow . some dameged on cuff , talon zipper. don't care about the patch it's a legit one ? any value ideas ?
  8. I can have this gas detection armband but not sur if legit or fake !!!! what do you think ???????
  9. IVY

    Ivy 's Collection

    New addition from my week in normandy Havresack ID found near Cherbourg from a KIA 23rd june of the 22nd infantry 4th ID toggle rope found near St Germain de varreville Wool shirt originaly patched ID from a Silver star recipient Liner dug up many years ago near Sainteny Nice grouping from a d day soldier but not named
  10. IVY

    D-Day Displays

    I was at the D-day for 6 days , but thats my display of the new stuff from normandy I get
  11. awesome helmet !!!! were it was found ?
  12. My new find a nice 4th infantry division Painted liner , its an Inland / Fireston double marked . Found by the father of a friend near Carentan in a Barn . the webbing is in bad shape but a lundry number is well marked , I start searching the guy !
  13. Hi folks , For a future trade , this Field jacket with a nice battlefield look , with 4th ID SSI sew . Normally it is originaly sew on , it look good to me , patina of the SSI , cotton sew ..... what is your opinion ?
  14. Lions of carentan will be there , as an heavy platoon "F" Co 8th RCT , with an photo unit of the group "Cooney party" . We will be at Ste marie du mont for few good display , we will do landing on Utah with LCVP and the 4th ID March , after few oth activity during the week
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