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  1. I figured this belonged here. At the University I teach at one day I get a call from the mail room. They had a box with no return address and a note saying "I stole this hat from Col. Gabe as a prank and regretted it ever since, please return it to him." I'm the resident military nerd, so they called me. The hat in question is a early '60s custom job from Flight Ace, with O-5 "scrambled eggs" on the visor. There was a "property of" card in the crown so that made my job a little easier. Also, this hat was one of the smallest military hats I've ever come across, size 6 and 3/8s. It took
  2. I realize this topic is nearly a year old but the blue 84 flannel I thought was getting morphed and I got one of these. No label but the material is certainly not flannel and the rank all mark it as a 1988 shirt. I also have the hat from the guy. Picked it off eBay mainly because it was a pretty large size and cheap. Still cool, mind you and will work when I do a "USAF UFO Investigator" impression at the next UFO con. So a win/win!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I already hit that forum once in a while and it's had some great hits for me.
  4. I would find this really, really, really interesting as my Grandpa was a maintainer with the 82nd TRS and saw Shomo fly in doing his victory roles. I have his photo album and the unit patch (Disney, with Pegleg Pete at the mascot). I am looking for a P-51D with the noseart "Lois Jeanne" if you have the time or inclination to look at the album.
  5. Could always reenact the Indian wars. After examining multiple pictures of Company Grade officers and Privates, I'm convinced the average age of these two groups was around 60. Or something like that. In all seriousness, the age of the army at the time was greater due to a number of factors. I just received my "Fred Benteen" fatigue blouse and he was a Captain well into the 1880s. As for annoying reeactors: The never interact with the public type. A group of Vietnam guys who attend an annual event I also attend have a great display, great kit and all look the part. However, they tend
  6. I have ordered two German m43 style caps and have been happy with these. For under $30 they're quite nice. The ETO jacket I ordered... less so. The body was too long, the shoulders were too big, even on the XL. It's also unlined, contrary to the originals. Essentially hit or miss. Try to get measurements from Barry on e-mail if possible. Customer service is decent, my last m43 had customs issues and the communication was OK once I got in contact with them first. Overall: I would order from them again but would try to get measurements from Barry himself rather relying on the the inacc
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