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  1. There is an article about the US Coast Guard in Vietnam in the upcoming ASMIC Trading Post. (Jan-Mar 2021).
  2. I was able to convert the pages for the Army Green Uniform to JPeg format.
  3. As noted above AR 670-1 encompassed several other uniform regs, one being AR670-5. I have a PDF of AR 670-5 dated 1959. I can not attach the PDF file but if you PM me your email address I'll send you an electronic copy.
  4. The style of the wool on wool date from the 1920s but were used during WWII and on into 1948. The embroidered chevron was used from the late 1930s to 1948.
  5. I tried to send you an email about some USMC chevrons I have for sale. When I tried to message you through the forum it said you can't receive messages. Thanks Dennis
  6. There is quite a large community of War of 1812 reenactors in the Indiana-Ohio area. I am a member of the White River Guard in Noblesville, Indiana. We portray a typical Indiana Militia of the 1812 era. We attend, as active historical interpreters, several annual events in the Northeastern Indiana and northwestern Ohio area. These events are: Winter Garrison, Old Fort Wayne, Indiana Siege of For Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio Siege of Fort Wayne, Old Fort Wayne, Indiana Fortfest, Fort Jennings, Ohio Stone's Trace, Ligonier, Indiana Battle of Mississene
  7. Here is one I was given upon arriving at Fort Carson in December 1973. Unfortunately, authorization for pocket patches had been rescinded by then so I never got to wear it. 4th Finance Co, Fort Carson.
  8. The chevrons with the star over the Quartermaster Corps insignia are for a Quartermaster Sergeant Senior Grade 1916-1920. Your chevrons are all on twill which indicates they are for the summer uniforms. if they were on wool backings they would be for the wool winter uniforms.
  9. This board was once part of the collection of Marjorie Jean Mueller. She started collecting Military insignia during WWII and at one time had one of the premier collections in the US. Marge was a long time member of ASMIC and attended the OVMS shows. I had the good fortune to be invited to view her collection in 1992. I remember seeing this board among all the others displaying her chevron collection. She rarely let anyone visit her for that purpose. She was a frequent contributor to the ASMIC Trading Post and a frequent exhibitor at the Annual ASMIC Convention. Sadly she passed away
  10. I collect only US Army Chevrons and have over 2200 individual chevrons in my collection. Of course I have all the common stuff and have just about every chevron used from 1920 to present. Of course there are just a few chevrons I still need from that era. If I find one at a show, on this forum, or on eBay I will pay the price asked, within reason. My collection has evolved to a point where I only need the rarer items. Chevrons older than 1920 I will pay the asking price, or dicker a little, to get chevrons I need. I have walked away or let the auction end for items that I needed and regre
  11. They look like the ones made in Alaska for the 172nd Infantry Bde during the late 70s.
  12. I believe these are chevrons for a foreign army. Several years ago a dealer at the OVMS show in Wilmington Ohio had several boxes of these. That dealer also had several boxes of Dominican Republic Air force chevrons. My firm belief is that these are NOT US.
  13. I obtained the chevrons pictured below several years ago at a Militaria show. I have not been able to positively identify them. The chevrons are 4 ¼ inches wide and 6 ½ inches tall. Construction is of white wool machine sewn on a dark blue or black wool. The star is hand embroidered in silk and the lyre is machine embroidered. I had assumed these chevrons were for a high school or college marching band. I found the photo online but unfortunately, did not take down the source. It appears that the chevrons in the picture are very similar to the three illustrated below. The photo of the bandsman
  14. Metal chevrons for the US Army began to appear around the late 1940s. They were mostly worn on scarves, helmet liners and sometimes on caps. There was a heavy sand cast set used during and after the Korean War. I have collected US Army chevrons for over 50 years but have never seen these.
  15. When I served in Germany during the 80s my wife's gynecologist was captain Deldo.
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