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  1. Dave, No worries. I agree on purchasing items in those areas. The good stuff was snapped up in the late 80's and early 90's. I was living in the EU from 2006 to 2009 and again from 2011 - 2015 so I had the fortune of visiting a lot of places. I did not really "find the guy" - my Dad and I were visiting all the towns in the area. I mentioned a "basement museum" because - as anyone knows in that area - every third store front in the town centers are selling historical items - not just military. The store I bought it from had furniture, farm items, dishes, etc, as well. The guy had mi
  2. Mon ami, I am not offended - only one clarification which you may have missed that I stated earlier. I did not purchase it from the December 44 museum. I don't even know if they sell historical items. - I said I picked it up the following day with my Dad who is a 28 yr veteran with two tours in Vietnam under his belt. He knows his stuff too. I added the pic of me with the Tiger to ensure one of the commentators that I was in the area in Belgium - which as you have been there then you must know is about a three hour drive from Den Haag if the traffic in Antwerp is not at a standsti
  3. Guys, I am selling this helmet. We can pull back on the conspiracy theories. Its the real deal. Its from my collection. The story is real. I would not sell a fake helmet. I have a couple of fakes that I was ripped off on in my early days of collecting and wont list them - gave those to my boys. I am moving some items out of my collection to pay for my restoration on my 71 Vette. I have attached a pic of me on the battlefield tour. I bought it the following day with my Dad who I took on the tour with me. The helmet was with a bunch of other M1's and I sorted through the
  4. Guys I have number 8 - have had it for over ten years. Pic 1
  5. Does anyone know where I can pick one up? Prefer it be NOS or from a parts kit. Image included. Just noticed I typed "M!" - I meant "M1"
  6. Well - In an effort to improve myself by listening to good advice - the work is done. I did a thorough cleaning and for good measure replaced the recoil spring. Problem is fixed. It is now cycling - by the way I was using American Eagle ammo. Thanks for the help - the NPM is now sitting back in the display case - looking good I might say.
  7. The ammo was fresh out of the box. The firing pin - when engaged - left a clear demple. The ones that I had to eject and cycle the bolt - every other one basically - had not strike mark on the primer. I have an extra bolt somewhere - could take it back it to the range with the bolt swap and try it out. Of course after a good clean as suggested. I will say again it sat in my display case for 12 years prior to going to the range. I am on it!!!
  8. Team, Hope everyone is doing well. I bought a 1943 NPM M1 Carbine from Scott Duff around 13 years ago. It has been in my display case since then. I decided to take it to the range today and expend a couple of magazines.....well I have a problem. I loaded a 15 round mag and sent the first round down range. When I went to pull the trigger for the next shot - nothing. I cycled the bolt again which ejected the live round and chambered another round - pulled the trigger - it fired. Then again the same problem. I basically had to cycle the bolt after each successful shot - so every other ro
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