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    U.S. Militaria, 1835 - 1975; WW2 USMC, First Special Service Force

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  1. Forum Friends, My Wife, 15 year old Son & I are going to South coast of England & Nornandy next summer in July. We're "hicks from the sticks" from the deep woods of the colonies. This trip will only partly be my about military history, but also about our family ancestry with Great Brittain. We'll fly to Heathrow, grab a car, drive on the wrong side of the road, & and spend 2 weeks touring the South English coast near Austell, working our way to Dover, and taking the ferry to France and turning arround for home after a night in St. Mere Eglise. For any of you folks near the
  2. What you do or carry isn't always covered by a book or regulations. It's what you can get your hands on at the time. . . .just sayin'.
  3. I can't imagine anybody that has a better collection, or more knowlege and experience with USMC gear that our friend "Flage" !! Learn from him !! Best regards, Paul
  4. I totally agree with Kurt on the dial. The Rolex definition of "good service" may not match yours. They're goals are not necessarily in sinc with a collector or historian. Be sure to specify NOT replacing that dial. They will do what you ask. That 's a fantastic acquisition !! Congrat's !! Best regards, Paul
  5. I never felt there's any real mystery or chronic head scratchin' to do about a period picture of Raiders, Para's, or anybody else for that matter, from having something on their belt or pack in WW2 combat that does't show up in the a Handbook. Long ago, I once acquired a broomhandle Mauser from a ww2 Navy CB Chief he'd carried in the South Pacific. His Dad had brought it back from ww1. He even had a picture of it on his belt on New Caledonia on Bougainville. In the same handmade holster that I got with the gun. Go figure ??? Fake ?? No. But I'm sure it will inspire some. That's why I hesitate
  6. Haven't posted for quite some time. Just bringing this topic back up to the top. I encourage all interested to check out Clinton Watters Youtube. Watters was best man at Basilone's wedding, former Gualdalcancal Marine with Basilone, later 3rd Raider. And Rinaldo Martini was also in the Basilone's wedding party. See Martini's parachute wings ? 5th Division. None of these NCO's were pikers; they'd already been there once or twice. Part of making the new 5th Division USMC an outfit that could survive, thanks to their training and previous experience. Best regards to all, Paul Walker Klamath
  7. These are iconic helmets !! But no matter how cool they lookin the movies, I refuse to own one in my collection, because i have a fat head size 7-1/4" , and they are absolutely unwearanble if you have a fat head like mine !! They did not come with an adjustable liner and after a short time with one on, I had a migraine head ache. boghots
  8. I either own, or have owned examples of all of these overseas caps, attributable to specific Marines. The top two have the distinct upturned fronts. The bottom left has a frequently seen upturned fold, distinct to Marines. The HBT has the upturned fold also, but squared on the bottom. I've owned 3 HBT USMC caps. All slightly different. None of mine still or maybe ever had QM tags, but came with documented USMC uniform groups and or groupings. The ones I've had have been both horizontal & vertical pattern in their HBT. The one I kept is more squared top and bottom in shape, like an Arm
  9. 6 years of enjoying this fantastic archive you have, that you clearly appreciate. I've got a couple of cornerstone groups too, and revisit them every so often with new enthusiasm. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your discoveries !! -- Any chance a roster or correspondence mentions a Lt. or Capt. Sherm (Sherman) Waldrip ?? Also a NG guy who got a regular commission, and served as a tank plattoon commander after landing at Normandy. Passed away a couple of years ago, but was a good friend of mine. He never got unit specific with me, and I didn't want to push it. Best regards, Paul Kl
  10. Back from PRITCHETT DD-561, to be plank owner on RICHARD B. ANDERSON, DD-786. --- ANDERSON-786 shows up in some scenes from movie The Caine Mutiny Humphrey Bogart. And with my Dad, Ken Walker on same trip home. First time they'd seen each other in four years. Back home on the ranch in Oregon. Best regards, Paul
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