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  1. Thanks for all the input on the Colt guys! ) I'll have to print this out for mah boss Amazing that conversion kits were so popular back then... Not related but case in point being a complete P-38 Walther box "set" with the 9mm/.22 interchangable parts... roughly same era... I'm not really an expert on guns... I'm more into medals and patches.. hehe ) Hope this was a worthy piece to share *although common*.
  2. Hello, it's me again I haven't posted in quite some time. Too much work in army surplus and busting down-and-out shoplifters... but my boss showed me this really cool pistol this morning and said it was ok if I shared it with you guys because he is curious as to it's value TODAY *he is 91 years old* ) Were these rare back in the day? I can't think of a .22 being an effective military sidearm but, each to his own I guess eh? Out of all his guns it really stood out for some reason...
  3. Thank you ArcLight and Swag Yeah... the medals have been put back into their case for the time being until I can get a more elaborate mounting device. Any suggestions for a grouping of 9 medals of this age/value? Speaking of which, my boss asked me to give her a ballpark figure today on this collection to sate her curiousity but I had no idea what to tell her though as some of the medals cannot be valued since no one here has ever seen them before *Indian War Veterans badge... etc*.... But yes... I will invest in a better display case for these relics. Once again, thank you all for yo
  4. Scroll and tube on jacket's patch.
  5. Writing can be seen on the scroll through a hole in the side of the tube.
  6. Behold a strange metal tube with a scroll inside...
  7. Reaching into left breast pocket.
  8. This jacket appears to have belonged to a Technician 5th Grade who was a member of the 503rd Ordnance Company *Heavy Maintenance*. The Helmet is not associated with the jacket as far as I know. There was a jewish scroll inside the jacket's left breast pocket so I consulted with a friend of mine who is in the IDF *Isreali Defense Force* who told me about this scroll. I am posting this here with his permission. ________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Aviv Levy March 14 at 6:03pm do yo
  9. Backside of Spanish-American War Veterans *Ladies Branch* medal
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