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  1. I saw this on eBay last night, It sold for $75. Yep - they're still out there waiting for us to find them... Jim eBay item number: 114335488182
  2. Try this place. They have a fair selection of inert/dummy demo. https://www.cdvs.us/ Jim
  3. Thanks, Yooper. I didn't realize that these parts had been around that long.
  4. Huey - thanks for the heads-up on the carbine collectors club, neat site. Garandy - thanks for the info. Unfortunately that means repro parts have had time to "age", so some will appear more authentis. Too bad...
  5. Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me about what year repro parts started pouring in to the US for the M1 Carbine? I see so many parts, so cheap, that they must be repro. Thanks, jim_mi
  6. Thanks to all who responded. Jim
  7. Hmmm... so people are concerned that someone might say that the gun is actually their property and start a claim or theft dispute. Then of course it would come down to receipts, transfer papers, Etc. Interesting. Thank you, for the replies.
  8. I'm curious about something. Why, when people post photographs of weapons do they frequently obscure part of the serial number? It's done so often that there must be a reason for it. Thanks, Jim
  9. Thanks for the replies, guys. I appreciate all the info I can get since I know nothing about rank insignia. I got it when I bought a knife, which I do collect, and was curious. 72PSB- these service Stripes you mention, were they sewn on or pin on?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it's mounted on a vintage leather Scabbard. It's a clutch back and both posts have been cut off with a small piece of metal apparently soldered on them to hold it onto the leather. The bar is about three quarters of an inch in length, and has a rough surface, sort of corrugated. If it's of any help, the sheath and knife Within appear to be World War II vintage. Thanks, Jim
  11. I think this is a second Lieutenant bar. Can anyone positively identify it and the appropriate service branch? Thanks, Jim
  12. I would be interested in knowing the price. Jim
  13. I've got LC71. Acquired this from Camp Perry CMP store about 2007.
  14. Interesting... It's not much help, but I had one with the same thin, tapered handle. I always assumed it was modified for an individual with a small hand and the grooves recut. Jim
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