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  1. It needs a clean-up, and I need to get photos of the work on the end of the knife. I know there are varied levels of skills out there in the field where somebody could do this (I have some of them myself) but my belief is that this one was done at the factory during the manufacturing process or it was done immediately after manufacture before final finish. The finish on the false edge looks too much like the rest of the blade, which doesn't look refinished to me. I had a friend who was an assistant to John Garand at the Armory, and he told me about Armory employees doing all sorts of intere
  2. First, very cool with the camouflage. Second, it is made with a clipped-point Bowie style. Has anybody seen one of these before? It does not appear that this was re-shaped. The finish on the blade on the clipped point is same as the rest of the blade. It is covered with same patina. If it was done after manufacture, it was done a long time ago and expertly.
  3. What I am speculating (key word) is that the order number begins with 30 because it was contracted in fiscal year 1930. WWII instrument orders are done with AC or AF and two digit fiscal year for contract number prefixes, and this may have grown out of the practices in the 1930's. But I don't know for sure. 1930 Air Corps aircraft registration numbers ran from 30-1 to 30-421.
  4. AC US Army B-5 centigrade temperature gauge. I believe the 30-prefix makes it a 1930 fiscal year gauge, but don't know for sure. It makes sense as this appears to be of the typical 1920's-era gauges. There were only 421 aircraft procured by the Air Corps in 1930, some of which were transferred to other services. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1930.html
  5. It is a German wallet, with currency from WWI, WWII, Germany and Italy. It came from the over run aid station along with the ring and jewelry box.
  6. Finally, photos of his father. His father is standing to the left of the one airplane. The WWI Air Service Signal Corps Clock, with the tag describing where it came from, McCook Field.
  7. German Soldbuch Photos and the ubiquitous P-38 can openers in the wrapper.
  8. Some of the contents. His cloth CIB, 63rd ID patch, and a photo of him and some Army buddies. He is the one standing on the right of the group.
  9. This belonged to Harry Dusman. Harry was a fixture at antique gun shows around the South Central PA area for many years. I met him before I knew he was friends with another friend of mine, and knew he was a 63rd Infantry Division Infantryman. His father was a WWI pilot- more on that later. When he passed, a mutual friend of mine wanted me to get some items that he knew I would be interested in. It all came in the German Vehicle First Aid Box (Verbandkasten) which he pulled from burning German vehicle.
  10. A friend had a similar cot to this one, from the 1870's. He told me that they were made back into the 1850's, and were known to be used by officers during the US Civil War. A similar one showed up at a show last year, but the construction was different from my friend's cot- It looked more like yours and I believe it was early 20th century.
  11. Robin, Thanks for the information. I have a friend who says I should fire up the receiver because it will probably work.
  12. If you haven't found it, you should take a look at aafradio.org. It is written by a collector named Mike Hanz, who has a wealth of knowledge about WWII AAF Radios. He would be the guy to ask, but I think you would have seen a ground version of the SCR-522 used for fighter and bomber control. There were multiple versions of the SCR-522 used in WWII, including a ground set. https://aafradio.org/flightdeck/bendix2.htm From my research on ETO Liaison Squadrons, it is known that they flew with G2 or G3 section (aviation) controllers from the divisions. The AAF was more
  13. I am told the IN-85 and GN-37 are very hard to find. Is the insulator on the IN-85 Micarta? I have found a few sales of J-44 keys. I was also told that that there were a number of accessory chests around a few years ago but they have dried up.
  14. Frequency cards, serial numbered to this radio.
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