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  1. I do ACW Union Artillery, WW2 US Armored Infantry and have a Desert Shield / Desert Storm impression that is based on my self. Mack
  2. Graeme Park will be hosting a WW2 weekend located not far from the NAS Willow Grove base. Good event for those that are local or dont mind driving a bit. http://ww2weekend.org/ Mack
  3. Grape and canister is a history about The Army of the Potomac Artillery from before Bull Run to Appomattox. It covers the guns and units. Mack
  4. If you ever get a chance there is also a Memorial that few know about at West Shore Little League that lists every Staten Islander killed in a conflict from the CW to today. I grew up playing in McDonald park and never knew the history thank you for enlightening me. Mack
  5. There is also a monument to Angel Mendez at Mount Loretto. Angel Mendez was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously in VN 1967. Then there is the VN memorial that list the 87 dead from SI in VN on the corner of Manor RD and Martlings ave. These are all places I grew up going to and always struck me as very solemn places. Mack
  6. Patches, Not to resurrect a thread but there are quite a bunch of War Memorials located on Staten Island. There is the Span Am soldier on the corner of Victory and Bay St. There is one in Rosebank on Tompkins ave. One on Father Capodano Blvd in Midland Beach. The one in Travis has a 6 pound gun in front of it. There is the Joseph Merrill Plaque in Clove Lakes which tells of how he came to be awarded the MOH in WW2. If you really want to see some great monuments go to Greenwood Cemetery in BK they have some wonderful ones from the CW. Mack
  7. If any one is near NAS Willow Grove PA there is a pretty good event that is growing every year. Here is the link. Mack http://ww2weekend.org/registration-info-rules/
  8. Depends on your unit. If you are Naval Aviation(navy/Marine Corps) then your work boots are safety boots and they are never polished. Wax and Liquid Oxygen are not a good combo. Also even though we wore booties when working on top of the A/C if your boots have polish on them as you move around you grind polish into the paint which is not a good thing. Our Combat boots we had to polish but we only wore them for formations that took most of the day and for duty days. If there was any chance of flightline work being done than the uniform of the day would be flightline wear(cammies or coveralls) a
  9. They are short so that the material stretches and becomes taunt. This way it supports the weight of the person sleeping on it. If it wasn't taunt the canvas would sag and you would not be able to sleep in it. They are still made that way today. I slept on a aluminum frame one every day for 7 months from Aug 90- Mar 91. They are a pain to put together and it does take some strength to get the last bar set correctly but they provide a lot of support and are very comfortable to sleep in. I would not suggest sleeping in one with out it being assembled properly you may find your self sagging close
  10. What date is on the 1923 belt? The accepted view is that OD7 web gear started to be produced in late 43 and began to come into issue in numbers after Normandy. The 44 suspenders would have also been issued after Normandy, 1936 suspenders being the norm for those with a musette bag. There is a lag time from production to issue that can be months and to the supply people they made no distinction based on color of equipment, a 1923 belt was a 1923 belt. Units of the 3rd Army such as 4th AD went into Normandy in early July 1944 and they had several new pieces of equipment as basically standard su
  11. Juan, Where on your website is the winter underwear all I see is the summer? Mack
  12. Yes there is FMF Atlantic which is centered around 2nd Mardiv, 2 MAW and 2 FSSG and FMF Pacific which has both 1st MarDiv, 3rd MAW 1st FSSg and 3rd MarDiv, 1st MAW and 3rd FSSG as there main units. Though with the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 the lines have been blurred. FMF is really just any Marine who is assigned to a unit who's primary function is war fighting where as non FMF units are usually training (MCRD's, Recruiters, Schools). In the case of the 1st MAW it draws many of its fixed wing units from 2nd and 3rd MAW through the UDP(unit deployment program) so it is not un
  13. I havent been as a reenactor but I have gone several times as visitor. The flea market is fairly large but it also depends on what you are looking for. At The Front vends there every year and they bring a lot of items. I never stayed for the battle always get there early in the morning as it is either extremely hot or raining. Mack
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