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  1. Fasces was also integral to the NY 71st infantry regiment "American guard" from 1854-1992 when disbanded
  2. I've seen web gear that got bleached that color by immersion in pools for drownproofing training
  3. M1928 TSMG had top mounted Actuator, this is an M1 TSMG or M1A1 TSMG with side actuator
  4. Never seen the cross members welded before, it still has the rivet
  5. the amusing thing is the first was the 11th Airborne on 28 august and Cav landed on 2 sept
  6. Seems to have been slightly shortened, ala Bushmaster 1903
  7. Looks like an upside down Obergefreiter insignia more than 6 years service Weimar era Heer
  8. Also the 173rd Airborne Bde is missing the tab for the Captain Willard top. I had the Patrol cap in that pattern when I played OPFOR at Hood back in 83
  9. 67th Armor regiment, had long association with US 2nd Armored Division In the mid 80's they had wolf heads on the skirts of their Solid green (No MERDC for them) M1 tanks and were known as the hounds of hell
  10. The Gas Cylinder Lock is a Post War "High Hump' versions for rifle grenade launching
  11. Cuff Titles? do you mean Officers Cuff Braiding?
  12. Yup I always thought it a great detail that Burt Lancaster as 1SG Warden mentions he could transfer to any other company and IN grade
  13. Played OPFOR for a year in 2000 and we made wanted posters by name of men in the 27th Bde. names were culled from the State NG Newspaper Guard Times. put into plastic protectors and taped to trees in our AO. Faked map case of the bn cdr showing our cache/assembly areas (actually our TRP's) left conveniently on Antwerp road to be found.
  14. 12th Railroad Engineers regiment (Light Railway) was assigned to the British 3rd & 5th Army sectors. https://armyhistory.org/12th-engineers-light-railway/
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