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  1. Vandegrift Jacket, IIRC used until 1960 or so. Forest green versions as well
  2. Well there once was a Fort Mason in San Francisco POE
  3. Something very odd about that "USMC" jacket. Army 45th Division patch on right arm Army 1st SGT chevrons only on left instead of both arms why a full color division patch on a camo jacket? Doesn't make sense
  4. How about explaining to us all WHY you say its fake. that way newer collectors might have an idea what to avoid
  5. Interestingly the 3rd row ribbon is American Defence. You had to be serving BEFORE Pearl Harbor for that medal
  6. 8.8cm HE replica http://store.technoframes.com/flak88/ 14 is the bursting charge number Jg1942E is the Place, Day, Month, year of fusing with work mark. IV is the weight class. Stg is the type of steel used for the shell. FES is the type of bimetallic driving band. Sprgr A.Z. type of fuze.
  7. Should have read TASC Training Aids Service Center
  8. Fasces was also integral to the NY 71st infantry regiment "American guard" from 1854-1992 when disbanded
  9. I've seen web gear that got bleached that color by immersion in pools for drownproofing training
  10. M1928 TSMG had top mounted Actuator, this is an M1 TSMG or M1A1 TSMG with side actuator
  11. Never seen the cross members welded before, it still has the rivet
  12. the amusing thing is the first was the 11th Airborne on 28 august and Cav landed on 2 sept
  13. Seems to have been slightly shortened, ala Bushmaster 1903
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